Orijinalini görmek için tıklayınız : Practice Exam 26 (35)

01-16-2012, 18:02
Mark the best choice
1-From its description in the paper, the job sounds fantastic, but I won't get too excited until I’ve had the interview and found out exactly what it will …………. .
A) qualify B) respond
C) contain D) involve E) represent

2-Susan left her briefcase on the bus, so she's gone down to the Lost Property Office in order to try to ………it.
A)absorb B)recover
C)explore D) require E) discover

3-The police arrested a woman who was shoplifting, but unfortunately, they were unable to catch her…………., who managed to run out of the shop with the goods they had stolen .
A)accomplice B) criminal
C)witness D)casualty E) victim

4-Melissa needs to work herder. She………..passed the midterm exam, and I doubt she'll pass the final at all.
A)vastly B)frankly
C)barely D) sparsely E) utterly

5-She dressed………..for the hike, wearing good, strong walking boots and long trousers to protect her legs.
A)competently B) entirely
C)glamorously D) shabbily E) sensibly

6-I wish she would stop boasting and telling everybody how marvellous she is! She's the ......... person I’ve
ever met.
A)cheerful B) spiteful
C)confident D) conceited E)reckless

7-……….the first day, when it rained, we had really lovely weather while we were on holiday.
A) In addition to B) Such as
C) Rather than D) Apart from E)During

8-Would you mind if we stayed at home tonight, ………going out to the party?
A) besides B) whether
C) instead of D) owing to E)despite

9-…………..she hadn't received the letter, she had no idea that she had won the prize.
A) In spite of B) Since
C) For D) Although E) While

10-The man was accused……….being involved………a p1ot to overthrow the government.
A) with/to B) for/from
C) about/with D) of/in E) from/at

11-Tom's usually the first person to show up……….work in the 310- and he's always………..the last to leave.
A)at/among B)in/with
C) to/from D) for/out of E) about/with

12-In order to………..the company, they had to take out a loan for £5,000.
A)give up B) put aside
C) see off D) work out E)set up

13-I’d like to spend our holiday at the resort………..Dave was talking about the other day.
A) whom B) which
C) whose D) what E) where

14-Do you agree with………….Tim has just said 'bout the new government?
A) how much B) what
C) whom D) how E) which

15-John saw the bus hit the cyclist because he was out on the balcony at the time, ………….. .
A)and I didn't either
B)however, we did
C)but I didn’t
D)we were, though
E)and neither was I

16-If the rain gets…………, we'll all be swimming to work!
A) the heaviest B) heavy enough
C) too heavily D) so heavily E) any heavier

17-There weren't…………people to make up two complete teams, so we played football with nine players on…….. side.
A) any/all B) enough/each
C) many/every D) such/any E) no/both

18-Aithough as deputy chairman it was……….job to argue in favour of the company's policy, he really didn't agree with it…………. .
A) theirs/itself B) him/them
C) his/himself D) your/yourselves E) mine/him

19-From………….house we hired for the summer in the Green Mountains, in the north-eastern USA, you can see all the way to……….Canadian border.
A) the/the B) the/-
C) a/a D) -/- E) a/-

20-Since we………..the earliest bus, only people with their own cars………. before us.
A) would take/are arriving
B) are taking/will arrive
C) will take/arrive
D) had taken/have arrived
E) have taken/arrived

21-My television………….when a fire broke out at the service centre, so once the insurance claim is processed, I………..a new one.
A) has been re~a1rg/have given
B) had been repaired/will have given
C) was being repaired/will be given
D) had been repairing/was given
E) has been repaired/was being given

22-Tom told us he…………at 7.00, but it's already 8.00, and he still…………. .
A) will have come/doesn't arrive
B) had come/didn't arrive
C) would be coming/hasn't arrived
D) was going to come/won't arrive
E) will be coming/hadn't arrived

23-If the new computer system ………to us properly, we………so many mistakes on it now.
A)has been explained/don't make
B)is going to explain/won't have made
C)has been explaining/wouldn't have made
D)had been explained/wouldn't be making
E)is explained/aren't making

24-These plants ........ on a daily basis; if they’re not, they probably…………very long.
A) is watering/haven't lived
B) must have watered/wouldn't be living
C) have been watered/aren't living
D) had to be watered/didn't live
E) should be watered/won't live

25-While the average Lada ……….very long, Tom's…………..300,000 km by the end of the month.

A) hasn't lasted/would have done
B) isn't lasting/is going to do
C) won't last/had been doing
D) doesn't last/will have done
E) didn't last/was doing

Find the best completion

26-Before going to Africa to teach English, …………….. .
A) Tom lives in Singapore with his four children
B) Dennis had been an employee of the British government for 3Oyears
C) Scott would have been better off staying in France, serving diners
D) the rest of Joe's family thought he should have become a lawyer
E) Steve has discovered that he can make much more money by selling cars

27-…………, you must subtract 32, multiply by 5 and divide by 9.
A) Though you may not be too keen on mathematics
B) A person's weight can be recorded in either pounds or kilos
C) In order to convert Fahrenheit temperatures to Celsius
D) The metric system has all but replaced the old imperial one
E) The weather report said that today's average would be 86F

28- Though the Dutch Reformed Church is the largest religious groups in Holland, …………. .
A) Roman Catholicism has been losing popularity in France
B) who follow a belief established by a former king of the Netherlands
C) the majority of the population are Shiite Muslims
D) the fact that there are very few of them in America
E) there are more atheists than followers of this religion there

29-……………, I'll let you know the minute I find out anything.
A) ff1 had been told what we were supposed to do
B) Since you'll probably find out before I do
C) Where we're going to meet is up to you
D) Although now I have no idea when the party is
E) As I've known about the examination for ages

30- Upon overhearing the name of the new manager mentioned, ………… .
A)I think "Kylie" is a really dreadful name
B)it was a group of employees from the sales department
C)he was, obviously not well-liked among the staff
D)I became curious about what they were talking about
E)I don't think they should have promoted him really

31-………..but in the past few years, he's developed a taste for it.
A) I don't know what they use to make spaghetti
B) Steve's always loved the flavour of Coca-Cola
C) Lance used to think that ayran was repulsive
D) While Karl can't stand his own mother's cooking
E) Bill will never get used to eating olives at breakfast

32- The children were screaming loudly upstairs in their bedroom…………. .
A)that nobody heard the burglars enter the house through the back door
B)even though their mother was punishing them for their terrible behaviour
C)because of the neighbours, who are always complaining about the noise
D)so there was nothing at all anybody could do to get them to be quiet
E)until their father calls a baby-sitter and leaves to go to the supermarket

33-………..yet to be honest, at such a young age, I can't tell the difference.
A) I saw our neighbour's baby this morning and I think she's had a boy
U When Joey was a baby, she would only eat one kind of biscuit
C) The seeds that I planted last month have finally begun to sprout
D) Both of the twin sisters wore exactly the same dress and hat
E) In America, children start school when they're about five

34-……………., there's no way you'll understand my grandmother.
A)Even though she bas an impossible northern accent
B)As you can speak Ukrainian as fluently as I can
C)Of course she's a very nice old woman
D)Unless you pay great attention to what she's saying
E)Ever since she became senile a few years ago

Read the following passages and mark the answer

Sir Isaac Newton was drinking tea under the apple trees in his garden one summer afternoon in 1665 when an apple fell from an overhanging branch, hit him on the head and immediately provided the inspiration for his law of gravitation. According to the story that is how it happened, anyway. It may indeed be true, but no one knows for certain. Even the famed British astronomer Sir Harold Spencer Jones, who stated in 1944 that the story was probably true, later changed his mind, noting that ‘one cannot be sure either way.' The story of Newton's Apple first appears in Voltaire's Elements de la Philosophic de Newton, published in 1738, long after the great Englishman had died and 73 years from the time the disputed apple fell.

35-The legend that's being questioned in the passage.………….. .
A)has been shown to be complete nonsense
B)refers to how Newton was prompted to investigate gravitation
C)was first created by Sir Harold Spencer Jones
D)is a complete fiction invented by the French author Voltaire
E)expresses the luxurious life Newton was leading

36-According to the passage, Sir Harold Spencer Jones………. .
A)has a reputation for knowing everything about Newton
B)should not be taken too seriously as he is known to be indecisive
C)is well known for his work, which involves observing the universe
D)firmly denies that the incident with Newton and the apple ever happened
E)feels that nothing, including the story about Newton, can be known for certain

37-We can conclude from the passage that……….. .
A)Voltaire knew more about Newton's life than anyone today possibly can
B)Newton deliberately spread the apple story to make his discovery striking
C)Newton came up with his theory just a few years before he died
D)Newton asked Voltaire to tell people about his incident with the apple
E)it's doubtful whether the popular myth about Newton's Apple is true

Penn Wood, one of Britain's last surviving areas of ancient woodland, with.432 acres of mixed trees as well as grassland, is in a place of outstanding natural beauty. The wood has a record of public usage, stretching back through recorded history, but recently, the menace of 'development and improvement' threatened its survival. In a region already well-endowed with golf courses, the owner submitted plans for yet another 18-hole course. However, this angered local residents. They put up so much opposition to the plans that they were turned down by the Environment Secretary. Frustrated by the strength of the opposition he was receiving, the landowner eventually sold up, and the land was bought by the Woodland Trust, which will preserve the whole site as a prime wildlife habitat.

35- The author seems to……….. .
A)think that environmentalists go too far when they interfere with landowners' rights
B)be content with the outcome of the case mentioned in the passage
C)be too pessimistic about Penn Wood's chances for survival
D)have lived in the area called Penn Wood for a long time
E)like golf, but thinks that some of the land in Britain should remain wild

36-Penn Wood is located in a region…………
A)which is really underdeveloped
B)where there are plenty of golf-courses
C)which is home to several rare species
D)where the residents are not interested in golf
E)which is desperately in need of a golf-course

40-Following pressure from local people, Penn Wood's former owner……….. .
A)founded a nature preserve instead of a golf course
B)established a nature group called the Woodland mist
C)built an 18-hole golf course in the area
D)took the case to the Environment Secretary
E)had to sell the land to a nature group

Sleep researchers have found that people can make themselves wake up at a given time simply by deciding to do so before they go to sleep. Scientists took two groups of volunteers and, at nightfall, told one group that they would be woken at 6 a.m. and the other that they would be woken at 9 a.m. The sleepers' levels of the hormone adrenocorticotropin, which is known to cause spontaneous awakening, were then measured. In each group, there was a rise in the levels of the hormone one hour before the volunteers expected to get up. The three-hour difference between the rise in hormones in the two groups suggests that the body can be programmed to wake up on command.

41-The people studied by the researchers………. .
A)participated in the experiment at their own will
B)suffered from insomnia
C)were having difficulty getting up early
D)were unable to wake up by other means
E)came from similar backgrounds

42-It seems that adrenocorticotropin………… .
A)exists in higher levels in people who wake up very early
B)is produced by the body some time before a person wakes up
C)can't be measured without waking up the person being studied
D)is used by doctors for people who have difficulty getting up
E)is responsible for causing sleeplessness in a number of people

43-The experiment related in the passage has indicated that……. .
A)people who wake up at 6 a.m. have more hormones than 9 a.m. risers
B)computers can be used to help people wake up earlier than usual
C)our bodies are capable of being conditioned to wakeup at a suggested hour
D)the hormones that wake people up have a three-hour long cycle
E)hormones are more effective than outside stimuli for waning people

The Romanesque style of architecture flourished in the 11th and 12th centuries. Its primary characteristics are the round arch and thick walls, reminding people of the structures of ancient Rome. But the period is also noted for the reappearance of large figure sculptures and for the achievement of uniting sculpture with architecture. In the Romanesque period large numbers of figures began to be carved in stone in many cathedrals, churches and monasteries. These figures generally portrayed religious scenes, as the principal intent was to proclaim the teaching of the Christian faith. But at the same time, neither artists nor patrons had lost their taste for pure ornament. Thus, along with the biblical narrative appeared brilliant abstract decoration, based on the forms of plants, trees and animals.

44-We can assume that in the Romanesque period, architects………… .
A)imported ancient buildings from Rome, stone by stone
B)were less skilled than the sculptors they worked with
C)designed identical buildings to those in ancient Rome
D)excelled in plain designs, with few illustrations
E)must have worked closely with sculptors on the design

45-The carved figures in Romanesque churches ………… .
A)were painted onto the wooden panels
B)mainly illustrated biblical stories
C)were brought into churches from Rome
D)were only created by religious men
E)had been removed from older buildings

46-The sculptors who worked on Romanesque religious buildings………. .
A)not only created religious works but also images from nature
B)were only interested in Christianity, and had little interest in art
C)had to focus on the religious message and weren't allowed any ornamentation
D)regarded themselves as superior to architects
E)preferred to decorate their work merely with religious themes

Stuttering is the term given to the condition in which the sufferer speaks with difficulty because he or she cannot easily say the first sound of a word. Overall, there are about 50 million stutters in the world. Despite decades of research, the cause of stuttering is not known, though - contrary to popular opinion - it is not thought to be caused by emotional distress. Some believe it might be caused genetically, but scientists have been unable to pinpoint the actual reasons. What is known, however, is that it affects four times more men than women, and that 25% of all children go through a stage of development during which they stutter. Stuttering can be extremely demoralising. Those who are severely affected often attempt to avoid speaking situations altogether.

47-The passage tells us that stuttering………. .
A)is passed down genetically from fathers to sons
B)usually stems from the sufferer experiencing a sudden shock
C)is a type of speech problem that affects a large number of people
D)can be avoided by neglecting to say the Initial sounds of words
E)is an incurable disease, and sufferers have no hope of recovery

48-We learn from the passage that scientists……….. .
A)know that stuttering is genetic, but haven't found the gene that causes it
B)doing research into stuttering generally agree with public opinion
C)have not yet been able to determine exactly what causes stuttering
D)have discovered that both genetics and psychology cause stuttering
E)feel that stuttering is caused by emotional problems but can't prove this

49-It is implied in the passage that stuttering………… .
A)will always cause people suffering from it to be unable to speak at all
B)can be avoided by trying not to speak around too many people
C)affects only one-quarter of all women, but practically all men
D)can have a large negative impact on the social life of the sufferer
E)is easily treated if people are willing to avoid speaking in public

Women do not compete against men in sport because of medical misconceptions about their bodies, says Ellis Cashmore, a professor of sociology. He claims it's only in the past 300 years that anatomists have pointed out the differences between men’s and women's bodies, apart from the most obvious ones. Before then, they were seen as fairly similar. By the late 19th century, closer examination led to anatomists looking for inferiorities in women's bodies and believing that even their organs had different functions to men's. Cashmore's argument is that despite women's exclusion from most sports for the first half of this century, they have caught men up rather rapidly. Women's best times in the marathon have improved by an average per year of 2 minutes 47 seconds while men's have improved by a mere 66 seconds.

50-It can be inferred from this passage that Cashmore believes that……….. .
A)modern medicine is based more on myth than on genuine scientific fact
B)sociologists are better qualified to discuss human anatomy than medical researchers
C)in the last three centuries, there have been significant changes in the anatomy of women
D)it is quite obvious that women should not be allowed to participate in sport against men
E)there's no good reason why men and women shouldn't compete against each other in sport

51-Accordlog to the passage, 19th century anatomists………… .
A)were surprised to learn that there were hardly any differences between men and women
B)were Claiming that women shouldn't be excluded from various sports
C)discovered that, apart from the obvious differences, men and women were alike
D)supported the idea that women were physically weaker than men
E)were concerned with the reasons why men seemed to outperform women in sport

52-The author quotes the times 2 minutes 47 seconds and 66 seconds to illustrate that…….. .
A)despite progress, women still take more than twice as long as men in marathons
B)women are actually superior to men in long distance running
C) the gap between men's and women's performances in sport is shrinking
D) his theory is scientific by including mathematical figures
E) women will one day surpass men in athletic endeavours

Find the English translation
53- Merkes bankasi, faiz oranlarını yükselterek ya da düşürerek,bir ülkenin ekonomisini kontrol etmede yardımcı olabilir.
A)The economy of a country will grow providing the central bank lowers interest rates and controls rising prices.
B)By raising or lowering the interest rates' the central bank can help control a country’s economic growth.
C)A country's economic growth can necessitate arising or lowering of interest rates by the central bank.
D)The central bank of a country can raise or lower the interest rates in an effort to control economic growth.
E)A country's economic growth is controlled by the central bank, which raises and lowers interest rates.

54-Güneş insan yaşamı için o kadar önemli olmuştur ki pek çok uygarlık onu bir tanrı, bazıları ise tanrıların armağanı olmuştur.
A) The Sun has been so vital to human life that many cultures viewed it as a god, while others as a gift from the gods.
B) Ancient cultures believed the Sun was essentia1 to human life, so they either worshipped it as a god or saw it as a gift from the gods.
C) Sun worship, in which the Sun is believed to be a god, evolved because of the Sun's importance to the very essence of life.
D) Because of its significance to human life, the Sun was believed by many cultures to be a gift from the gods and even worshipped by some.
E) Many cultures have worshipped the Sun as a god, reflecting its vital role in human life, while others believed it was a gift from the gods.

55-Günümüzde, bilgisayarın kullanılmadığı bir meslek neredeyse hiç kalmamış gibi görünüyor.
A)Computers are used in virtually every occupation today.
B)It appears as if computers can aid virtually all people, no matter what their occupation.
C)There are hardly any occupations left which don't use computers to carry out certain daily tasks.
D)Today, it seems as if there are almost no occupations left where computers are not used.
E)In today's world, it appears that almost all occupations make use of computers in one way or another.

56-Toprak şekilleri ve iklim bakımından dünya çok büyük çeşitlilik göstermektedir.
A) The landforms and climates found on one side of the Earth vary considerably from those on the other.
B) The Earth is so immense that its landforms and climates show great variation.
C) A great deal of diversity is seen across the globe in landforms and climates.
D) The Earth manifests a great deal of diversity in its landforms and climates.
E) Landscapes and climates found throughout the Earth vary a great deal.

57-İnsanlar fırtınaları kontrol altına alamıyorlar ama onları önceden tahmin ederek, mal ve can kaybını mümkün olduğu kadar aza1tabiliyorlar.
A) Although unable to control storms, mankind can reduce the loss of life and potential damage by predicting them.
B) Storms are phenomena which cannot be controlled by mankind, but the amount of damage they can inflict has been minimised by early warning systems.
C) Advanced warning systems have enabled humans to predict storms, and thus minimise their potential for damage and injury.
D)Humans are unable to control the weather, but the amount of damage a storm can do has been minimised by accurate weather forecasting.
E) Humans cannot control storms, but by predicting them in advance, they can minimise loss of life and property.

58-Bütün omurgalı hayvanların karaciğeri vardır ve, büyük1ük ve şekil bakımından değiklik gösterseler de, bütün karaciğerler benzer şekilde işlev görür.
A) All vertebrates have livers, and all livers function alike, though they vary in size and shape.
B) Livers, which are present in all vertebrates, vary in size and shape but not in function.
C) One common characteristic of vertebrates is the liver, which, although varying in size and shape, usually performs the same function.
D) Performing a similar function in all vertebrates, livers are approximately the same size and shape in proportion to the animal's size.
E) All vertebrates have livers, which vary in size and shape, and sometimes in the functions they perform.

59-Çok çeşitli konularda 400'den fazla kitabın yazarı olan Isaac Asimov kendini, doğuştan yazar olarak tanımlamıştır.
A)Seemingly born to write, Isaac Asimov wrote a total of 400 books on several different subjects.
B)The 400 books written by the born writer, Isaac Asimov, are on a wide range of subjects.
C)The author of more than 400 books on a broad range of subjects; Isaac Asimov described himself as a born writer.
D)Describing himself as a born writer, Isaac Asimov, has written over 400 books so far on varying subjects.
E)Because he wrote so many books, 400 in all, about so many subjects. Isaac Asimov could be described as a born writer.

60-Gerekli güvenlik önlemleri gözardı edilmediği sürece, dağcılık sporu hiçde tehlikeli değildir.
A)Unless the necessary safety measures are ignored, mountain climbing won't pose much danger.
B)Mountaineering is completely safe providing all the necessary precautions are not disregarded.
C)Mountaineering is not dangerous at all as long as the necessary safety measures are not ignored.
D)Mountaineering is only my dangerous if any of the required safety measures are disregarded.
E)The danger of mountaineering can be reduced to almost nothing by taking notice of all the necessary safety procedures.

Find the Turkish translation
61-In her nave's, Kate Chopin depicted wemen triug to free themmies from the conutraintm of society.
A) Kate Chopin'in romanlarında genellikle toplumun baskısından kurtulmuş, özgür kadınlar üzerinde durulmuştur.
B)Kate Chopin romanlarinda, kendilerini toplumun baskılarından kurtarmaya çalışan kadınları anlatmıştır.
C)Kate Chopin'in roman1arında kadınlar hep, toplumun baskılarına karşı mücadele içindedirler.
D)Kate Chopin, toplumun baskısını kırmaya çalışan kadınlara romanlarında geniş yer vermistir.
E)Kate Chopinin romanlarının konusunu, kadınların özgürlük için toplumun baskılarına baş kaldırışı olusturur.

62-In my opinion, what makes a commercial striking is not the person or persons acting in it, but the slogan used.
A)Bir reklam filmini tasarlarken, rol alacak kişi veya kişilerden önce, kullanılacak sloganın belirlenmesi gerektiğine inanıyorum
B)Benim düşümceme göre, bir reklam filminde kimin rol alacağı değil, kullanılacak slogan önemlidir.
C)Çarpıcı bir sloganın kullanıldığı bir reklam filminde rol alacak kisi ya da kişilerin çok büyük bir önemi yoktur.
D)Sanırım bir reklam filminde asıl etkileyici olan, filmde rol alan kişilerden çok, çarpici bir sloganın kullanılmasıdır.
E)Bence bir reklam filmini çarpıcı yapan, filmde rol alan kişi ya da kişiler değil, kullanılan slogandır.

63-For a patient suffering from hypertension, doctors usually prescribe, besides medication, a special diet and exercise program.
A)Yüksek tansiyonu olan bir hastaya sadece ilaç tedavisi değil, doktor denetiminde, özel bir diyet ve egzersiz programı da uygulanmalıdır.
B)Yüksek tansiyonu olan bir hasta için doktorlann öngördüğü tedavi yöntemi genellikle, ilaç, özel bir diyet ve egrersiz programından oluşur.
C)Genel olarak doktorlar, yüksek tansiyonu olan bir hasta için, özel bir diyet ve egsersiz programının ilaç tedavisi kadar önemli olduğunu söylüyorlar.
D)Yüksek tansiyonu olan bir hastaya doktorlar genellikle, ilacın yanı sıra, özel bir diyet ve egzersizprogramı da verirler.
E)Doktorlara göre,yüksek tansiyonu olan bir hasta, ilaç tedavisine ek olarak, özel bir diyet uygulamalı ve egsersiz yapmalıdır.

64-The Great Wall of China, which is a tourist attraction today, was originally built for the purpose of defence.
A)Esas olarak savunma amacıyla yapilan Çin Seddi, bugün pek çok turist çekmektedir.
B)Başlangıçta savunma amacına hizmet eden Çin Seddi, turistlerin çok ilgisini çekmektedir.
C)Bugün turistik bir yer olan Çin Seddi, aslında savunma amacıyla yapılmıştır.
D)Eskiden savunma amacına hizmet eden Çin Seddi, bugün turistik bir yerdir.
E)Çin Seddi, esas işlevi olan savunma amacı sona erince, turistik bir yer olmuştur.

65-It requires a lot of effort to produce good things, but in the end, it's worth all the hardship suffered.
A)Güzel şeyler üretmek için çok çaba harcamak gerekiyor ama sonunda çekilen tüm sıkıntıya değiyor.
B)Güzel şeyler üretmek için çok çalışmayı ve sıkıntı çekmeyi göze almak gerekir.
C)Çok çabalamanın sonunda güzel bir şey ortaya çıkıyorsa, çekilen tüm sıkıntıya değer.
D)Çekilen tüm sıkıntıya değmesi için, harcadığımız çabanın sonunda güzel bir şey elde etmelisiniz.
E)Çok çabalayıp bir bir şey üretmek güzel ama sonuç çektiğiniz tüm sıkıntılara gerçekten değmeli.

66-They should not only build new hospitals, but also modernise the old ones.
A)Yeni hastaneler inşa etmek yerine, eskileri modernize edebilirlerdi.
B)Sadece yeni hastaneler inşa etmekle kalmayıp eskileri de modernize etmeleri gerekir.
C)Eskileri modernize edeceklerse, yeni hastaneler inşa etmek gerekmez.
D)Eski hastanelerin modernize edilmesi, yenilerinin yapılmasmdan daha önemlidir.
E)Yeni hastaneler inşa etmeyip, sadece eskileri modernize etmeleri gerekirdi.

67-Even if you feel extremely fit and healthy, it is useful to have a check-up at regular intervals.
A)Düzenli olarak genel sağlik kontrolü yapturmak, kendini son derece sağlıklı ve formda hissedenler için bile gereklidir.
B)Sağlıklı ve formda kalmak isityorsanız, düzenli aralıklarla genel sağlık kontrolü yaptırmanız gerekir.
C)Düzenli araliklarla genel bir kontrolden geçmek, kendinizi sağlıklı ve formda hissetmenizi sağlar.
D)Kendinizi son derece saglıklı ye formda hissetseniz bile, düzenli aralıklarla genel bir kontrol yaptırmak yararlı olur.
E)Kendinizi çok sağlıklı ve formda hissetmiyorsanız, düzenli olarak genel bir kontrol yaptırmak yararınıza olur.

68-The strong currents of rivers near falls are harnessed to generate electricity in many countries.
A)Çoğu ülke, nehirlerin çağlayanlara yakın bölgelerindeki kuvvetli akıntılardan yararlanarak elektrik üretir.
B)Nehirlerin çağlayanlara yakın kuvvetli akıntıları, pek çok ülkenin elektrik ihtiyacının büyük bir bölümünü karşılamaktadır.
C)Elekirik ihtiyacının büyük bir bölümünü, nehirlerin çağ1ayanlara yakın kuvvetli akıntılarından yararlanarak karşılayan ülkeler vardır.
D)Pek çok ülkede, nehirlerin çağlayanlara yakın kuvvetli akıntılarından elektrik üretmek için yararlanılmaktadır.
E)Bazı ülkeler elektrik üretimi için, nehirlerin çağlayanlara yakın yerlerdeki kuvvetli akıntılarından yararlanmaktadır.

Find the best completion
69-………… . Instead, it ended in tragedy just 27 minutes after the chartered commuter plane took off from Montreal's Dorval Airport on June 18. By the time the plane came to a fiery halt after an emergency landing at Mirabel Airport, there appeared little the rescue workers could do. Although fire-fighters managed to put out the flames, all 11 people on board died.
A)It was to have been a routine flight from Montreal to Peterborough for a group of engineers
B)Nine minutes alter take-off, the pilot Jean Provencher, radioed air traffic with engine trouble
C)What is now clear is that the passengers and crew of Flight 420 faced a truly horrible ordeal
D)It was the worst aeroplane crash in Canada since 1989, when 24 people died in Dryden, Ontario
E)The pilot reported ten minutes later that the plane's left engine had suddenly burst into flame

70-Last year, when be was passing through a crisis, my Uncle Ben showed me a cartoon by Charles Addams. ……….. . I didn't feel like analysing the carton. He insisted. He talked about it with such enthusiastic interest that I felt like having the thing framed for his birthday. Hang it on the wall and be done with it. I thought.
A)I was looking forward to visiting him again sometime
B)Uncle had been having a lot of problems since his wife had died in an accident at work
C)My uncle was none other than Benjamin Crader, the world famous botanist
D)What he meant was that I had been born and had grown up in France, outside Paris
E)It was an ordinary cartoon, good for a smile, but Uncle wanted to discuss it in depth

71-Six times as many young people kill themselves in Canada's North-western territories than in the rest of the country. However, youth suicide was almost unknown until the 197Os. There is a reasonable explanation as to the causes of this increase. The majority of people who live in this sparsely populated province are of either Inuit Eskimo or Dene Indian descent. ................... . They are now living in permanent settlements, jobs are scarce and the sense of worthlessness which youngsters feel all too often leads to depression.
A)In Inuit society, the elderly might wander off to save their families from the burden of caring for them
B)Although this people of the north are widely called Eskimos, the name they use for themselves is Inuit
C)The premier's brother committed suicide in October 1979, after being sent to prison for theft
D)After four Inuit boys killed themselves within 3 months in 1988, volunteers set up a crisis line
E)The changes these traditionally nomadic people have had to face has caused huge social disruption

72-……….. . Indeed, in 1783, volcanic eruptions destroyed nearly 9000 lives - an overwhelming disaster. The largest volcano in the country, Hekla, in the south, has made the nearby countryside a desert, owing to the dust and boiling lava that it hurls out from time to time. Its last great eruption occurred in 1845.
A)Iceland's active volcanoes have always been a threat
B)Iceland's natural wonders include geysers and hot springs
C)Around the coast of Iceland, there are many islands
D)Most volcanoes have a conical shape and some form islands
E)A volcano is a mountain formed by the eruption of lava

73-The map of the London Underground, which can be seen on every train, on all stations, on the back of the London A-Z guide, on tea cloths on sale at the London Transport Museum, on posters, in diaries and in various other places, has been called a model of its kind, a work of art. ………… . They paid him £5.25 for it.
A)It represents the Underground as a geometric grid, and is not done accurately to scale
B)The tube lines do not, of course, lie at right angles to each other like Manhattan's streets
C)It was designed by Henry Beck and first used by London Transport on posters in 1933
D)It has been reproduced in millions and served as a model for metro maps all over the world
E)London's famous Victoria Station is named after Queen Victoria
74-……. . From there, waves of these Indo-European tribes began to wander southeast into Iran and India, southwest to the Balkans and western Europe and northwards to Scandinavia. Wherever they went, the Indo-Europeans assimilated with the local culture, although their language came to play an important role.
A)The ancient Indian Veda scriptures and Greek philosophy are written in related languages
B)By Indo-Europeans, we mean all the nations and cultures that use Indo-European languages
C)English and Hindi are both Indo-European languages, while neither Turkish nor Finnish are
D)About 49000 years ago, the Indo-Europeans lived in areas bordering the Black and Caspian Seas
E)The culture of the Indo-Europeans was influenced most of all by their belief in many gods
Find what can be said in the given case

75- You're staying in a hotel and need to get up early the next day to catch a fight. Unfortunately, your alarm clock stopped working a few days ago, and you haven't bought a new one since you've got another at home. In order to make sure you wake up early enough to be at the airport on time, you stop at the reception desk and ask the person working there:

A)Do you have any idea where I could buy an inexpensive alarm clock around here?
B)Why is it that all of the flights out of this city leave at such ridiculously early times?
C)If I gave you my alarm clock, do you think you could get it fixed by tomorrow morning?
D) I'm afraid I'm going to oversleep, so do you mind If I stay up all night talking to you?
E)Could you possibly give me a wake up call tomorrow morning at around 7.00 a.m.?

78-You are having an argument with a Mend about the meaning of an English word. Eventually you go and look it up in a dictionary, and find that you were right and your Mend was wrong. Proud of yourself, you return to your friend and say arrogantly:

A)I was right this time for a change, even though I usually get them wrong.
B)Well, I may be useless at grammar, but at least my vocabulary isn't too bad.
C)I'm really surprised! I actually got something right for once in my life.
D)I'm seldom wrong about vocabulary. You shouldn't argue with an expert.
E)Okay, I admit it. I was mistaken, even though I'm usually right.

77-You're having a rough day at work and are under a lot of stress trying to meet a deadline when the photocopier breaks down. Frustrated, you swear at the copier, and then suddenly become aware that there is a young staff member, who you don't know very well, present. You apologise saying:

A)I swear this copier was working yesterday. What's happened to it?
B)Excuse my language! It's just turning out to be one of those terrible days for me.
C)I'm sorry that the copier isn't working. What a day for it to happen.
D)I'm sorry to bother you, but I wonder if you have any Idea how to fix this.
E)I regret to inform you that I will be unable to fulfil the appointed deadline.

78-You're in class and trying hard to concentrate on a difficult exercise. One of your classmates is tapping his pencil on the table and you're finding it distracting. Irritated, you say sharply:

A)Can borrow your pencil if you're not using it at the moment?
B)Would you mind not doing that? It's getting on my nerves.
C)Have you finished the exercise? Could you help me with it?
D)I'm finding it really hard to concentrate with all this noise.
E)You're ruining that pencil. You'd better go and sharpen it.

79-You learn of an unpleasant and untrue story about yourself that has been circulating at work. Eventually, someone tells you which of your colleagues has been spreading the rumour. Hurt and angry, you confront this colleague, saying:
A) Have you heard the story they're spreading around about you?
B)I'm so angry with him that I'd like to get him fired tomorrow.
C)I don't know what I'll do when I find out who's responsible.
D)This office would be great if people didn't spread rumours about others.
E)Why have you been telling everyone lies about me?

80-One of your friends has a job that you'd really like. It's in an interesting field, and she earns a very good salary. However, lately she hasn’t been enjoying it as much as she did, and today she is moaning to you about it. Frankly, you still envy her because of her job, so you say unsympathetically;
A)I know what a pain work can be at times. I hate work too.
B)What a pity it is that your job isn't going as well as it was.
C) If I were you, I'd be looking for something else right now.
D) I wish you'd stop complaining. You're lucky you've got a great job.
E)Tell me more about the problems that you're having at work.

81-You've been waiting for your bus for quite a while when a stranger stops his car at the bus stop and offers you a lift. Although you're keen to get home, and the driver seems very friendly, you don't feel comfortable about it, so you refuse politely, saying:

A)I wonder if you're going in the direction of my house.
B)I wouldn't dream of getting into a car with a complete stranger.
C)That's very kind of you, but my bus will be along in a minute..
D)I don't normally accept lifts from strangers, but on this occasion. I will.
E)Thanks very much. I was just thinking that my bus would never come.

Find the closest in meaning

82-The more I hear about him, the less I want to meet him.
A)I've never really wanted to know him, but now, I've got a strong feeling that I really should.
B)People keep telling me things about him, and so I've decided never to meet him.
C)I don't know why people talk about that man so much, as I've met him and have little to say about him.
D)Each time I'm told something else about that man, my desire to meet him decreases.
E)I had wanted to meet the man, but now I know so much about him that I don't think it's necessary.

83-While it's unlikely that they’ll win the election, they'll surely affect its outcome.
A)They probably won't receive enough votes to be victorious; however, they'll definitely have an impact on the election.
B)They are far from being the favourite in the election; in fact, few people think they will be able to get more than a few votes.
C)If they really want to have a chance of winning the election, they will need to develop a much more effective strategy.
D)The results of the election cannot be determined yet, but not many people think they have much chance of winning.
E)As much as they would like to win the election, it's doubtful that they'll be among the top ranking parties.

84-Whatever the phone call was about, it was distressing enough, to make her cry.
A) She seems to burst into tears every time she talks on the phone.
B)She was in tears, so the phone call was obviously upsetting.
C)She was crying so much that she wasn't able to answer the phone.
D)What I was calling about was the reason why she was crying so much.
E)Hearing her crying on the phone for whatever reason was very upsetting.

85-She stared at me blankly as if she didn't know what I was talking about.
A)As she didn't understand what I was talking about, she just Ignored me totally.
B)I don't think she realised that I was talking about her outlook on life.
C)From the look on her face it appeared she didn't understand what I was saying.
D)What I said was that she looked like someone who wasn't very knowledgeable.
E)If she had known about it, she wouldn't have looked at me so blankly.

86-The film has been banned on the grounds that it could cause offence.
A)People don't like the film in that place, so it has been banned.
B)As the film might make people behave aggressively, they've banned it.
C)The film attacks certain places, so it has been banned in those areas.
D)The film has been banned in the places where it is likely to upset people.
E)The reason they've banned the film is that it may offend some people.

87-Until we've discussed it with him, we won't be able to address the problem.
A)We couldn't have solved the problem without talking to him first
B)After having discussed the problem with him, we were still unable to solve it.
C)If we can't decide how to solve the problem, we should discuss it with him.
D)Before we can start sorting out the problem, we'll have to talk to him about it.
E)I’m sure we'll find a solution to the problem alter we've talked to him.

Complete the dialogue

88 Gerald: The weather’s lovely today, isn't it?
Felix : …………………………
Gerald: You should take a break and get out a bit.
Felix: I know, but I’ve simply got too much to do.
A)I haven't the slightest idea. I’ve been inside working all day.
B)It is indeed. I got sunburnt when I went to get the paper.
C)When I was outside a few minutes ago. I actually felt a bit chilly.
D)I can see, but I'm so ill that I can't even get out of bed at the moment.
E)If you like this kind of weather. Personally, I prefer it a bit cooler.

89-Customer: …………………………
Waiter: Oh' the first comes with chips, salad and soup, while the other doesn't.
Customer: Oh, in that case, I’ll have the dinner – I’m starving!

A)Is it possible to get a sandwich with chips and a bowl of soup?
B)Exactly what is in the soup of the day? Is it as good as yesterday's?
C)What's the difference between the dinner and the a la carte?
D)Could I have a plate of chips with my soup and salad, please?
E)I'm not sure what I want to eat, but first I'd like a lemonade.

90-Gary: My head feels as if someone's hitting it with a hammer.
Bill: …………………………….
Gary: I had one about half an hour ago, but it doesn't seem to be helping.

A)How did he manage to do that?
B)Why don't you take an aspirin then?
C)Oh dear. Have you got a headache?
D)I think you should go and lie down.
E)You ought to try to relax a bit.

91-Nicola: This is a very interesting book about a woman who was kidnapped by aliens.
Barry: ……………………
Nicola : How can you take that attitude when you haven't even read it?

A)Really? Could I borrow it when you've finished it?
B)Oh come on! You don't read that rubbish, do you?
C)That does sound interesting. I'd like to have a look.
D)Wow! What a terrible thing to happen to someone.
E)I think I bought it, but never got round to reading it.

92-Fraser : ………………….
Helen: No, not if you return it when you've finished with it.
Fraser : On second thoughts, perhaps I'll wait and ask her myself.

A)Would it be okay if I called my mum on your phone?
B)I'd like to borrow Wendy's camera for a few hours.
C)Could I use the scissors on Heidi's desk?
D)I wonder if you'd mind lending me a bottle of milk.
E)Do you think Maxine would mind if l used her calculator?

93- Debby: What have you done to your hand?
Julie: I cut it while I was making the salad.
Debby: ………………..
Julie: Oh, it's not as bad as it looks.

A)Well, I hope you didn't get blood in the salad.
B)You really aren't very good in the kitchen, are you?
C)That must hurt! It seems to be bleeding a lot.
D)You poor thing! Still, it doesn't look too deep.
E)That knife in the kitchen is really sharp.

94-Cliff :I’d like to talk to you about your punctuality, Martin.
Martin: ………..........
Cliff : Yes, but it was the first time this week.

A)What do you mean? I was here on time today.
B)I'm sorry, I know that l was late this morning.
C)Why me? Nobody in this office gets here early.
D)Yes, I know. Joe's already talked to me about it.
E)Not again! You've always got something to say to me.

Find the odd sentence

95-(I) For a man to gain 1 pound in weight by eating fish, it has been claimed that 1.110 pounds of living matter must die first. (II) This is because 1,000 pounds of plant plankton have to be eaten to produce 100 pounds of small creatures in the sea. (III) In the United States alone about 36.5 million fishing licences are issued each year. (IV) These in turn are eaten to produce 10 pounds of fish. (V) This is the amount of fish which a man would need to eat in order to gain that 1 pound in weight.


96- (I) The modern Olympic Games have been held every four years since 1896. (II) The first competitive event held in the ancient Olympian and other Greek games was the short footrace, or sprint. (III) This was run over a single length of the stadium, a distance of approximately 200 metres. (IV) This race was called, approximately, the stade. (V) For the first thirteen Olympiads, the stade was the sole athletic event staged in the stadium.


97-(I)The Persians built the first windmills sometime in the 6th or 7th century ~D.. for the purpose of powering irrigation pumps. (I1) In some early large irrigation projects, mostly in arid and semiarid regions, little attention was paid to drainage. (III) Evolving over the years, by the eighteenth century, windmills were commonly used in Europe and America for grain-grinding and irrigation (IV) Along with waterpower, these provided the basic energy source for the Industrial Revolution. (V) In fact, two centuries ago, nearly every industrial process in existence ran on windpower.


98-(I) The most obvious threat to the safety of your home is theft of its contents. (II) In fact, of all crimes committed today, crimes against property are the most common. (III) Needless to say, there are many more serious crimes such as murder, which take up a great deal of police time. (IV) However, this does not have to be the case. (V) Many people simply make it too easy for a burglar, by not securing their homes adequately.


99-(I) In 1066 the Norman invasion of England brought the tremendous impact of the French language to England. (II) For two centuries, French was the language of the English nobility, while English remained the language of the peasants. (III) English is now the principal language of twelve countries and official language in over a dozen more. (IV) It was only in the 14th century that English finally became the most important language in England, with the London dialect as standard. (V) However, as late as 1700, there were only 8.5 million English speakers.

100-(I) In 1912 Edgar Rice Burroughs sold a story to All Star Magazine about an infant of English nobility who was abandoned in Africa and brought up by apes. CI)) For this, Burroughs was paid the considerable sum of $700 by the magazine. (III) Although Burroughs had little difficulty finding magazines to publish his numerous sequels, he received a number of rejections before finding a book publisher; (IV) These circumstances drove him to take up writing in order to attempt to support his family. (V) In fact, it was only in 1914 that his novel Tarzan and the Apes was finally published.



1.D 2.B 3.A 4.C 5.E
6.D 7.D 8.C 9.B 10.D
11.A 12.E 13.B 14.B 15.C
16.E 17.B 18.C 19.A 20.B
21.C 22.C 23.D 24.E 25.D
26.B 27.C 28.E 29.D 30.D
31.C 32.A 33.A 34.D 35.B
36.C 37.E 38.B 39.B 40.E
41.A 42.B 43.C 44.E 45.B
46A 47.C 48.C 49.D 50.E
51.D 52.C 53.B 54.A 55.D
56.D 57.E 58.A 59.C 60.C
61.B 62.E 63.D 64.C 65.A
66.B 67.[) 68.D 69A 70.E
71.E 72.A 73.C 74.D 75.E
76.D 77.B 78.B 79.E 80.D
81.C 82.D 83.A 84.B 85.C
86.E 87.D 88.A 89.C 90.B
91.B 92.E 93.C 94.A 95.C
96.A 97.B 98.C 99.C 100.D