Orijinalini görmek için tıklayınız : Practice exam 8 (19)

01-16-2012, 18:00
1-The store detective saw the woman steal two candies and stopped her as she was leaving the shop, but even so, she tried to…………. that she had taken anything.
A) confess B) refuse
C) reject D) deny E) protest

2-Bullying is a terrible problem at that school. Some of the older boys take money from the younger ones and …….. to hurt them if they tell anyone.
A)warn B) accuse
C) threaten D) insist E) admit

3-I need to buy some brown…….. so that I can give my shoes a good shine.
A) dough B) polish
C) glue D) paint E) bleach

4-Though eight states in the US have more people, New Jersey's small size and relatively large population make it the most……..populated state in the country.
A) densely B) widely
C) extensively D) largely E) seriously

5-Please use the milk……….because it's nearly finished and we won't be able to get any more until tomorrow.
A)hardly B)generously
C)sparingly D)thinly E) apparently

6-My sister told me that she thought my new haircut was unusual, which I think was probably just a………way of saying that she really didn't like it.
A) frank B) sensible
C) harsh D) virtual E) tactful

7-………the difficulty of the exam our teacher gave yesterday, the whole class managed to pass.
A) Although B) Despite
C) Whereas D) However E) Owing to

8-In my opinion, dentists have the worst job in the world, ……….how much they earn.
A)even if B)as though
C) nevertheless D) no matter E) moreover

9-If you haven't made a reservation, I advise you to arrive quite early; ……….., you won't be able to get a table.
A)provided B) besides
C)otherwise D) In case E) therefore

10-Electronic calculators are used to save time and to reduce the chance of making mistakes, and are found……. people deal with numbers frequently.
A)whatever B) whichever
C) wherever D) however E) whoever

11- Penny spends a lot of money……….. clothes and looks fantastic………. everything she wears.
A)for/with B) with/out of
C) at/for D) on/in E) about/on

12- Yesterday, Frank made an appointment………….his lawyer…………. three o'clock on Tuesday.
A)from / around B) about / on
C) by / at D) to / by E) with / for

13-This is the street with the cheap hotels, ………was mentioned in the guidebook.
A) which B) that
C) whose D) when E) where

14-Barbara leads………a simple life………she lives on very little money.
A) the same/as B) such/that
C) rather/than D) as/as E) so/that

15-There is nothing in the world that I find……….lying in bed and reading a book.
A)as relaxing as B)the most relaxing
C)more relaxed than D)so relaxed that E)very relaxing

16- My sister's shoes aren't big enough for………., so I can't borrow……….. .
A)mine/hers B) I/their
C) my/theirs D) myself/her E) me/them

17-She's never eaten fish in her life, ……………. .
A)but her husband is
B)and her husband is too
C)and nor has her husband
D)and so has her husband
E)but her husband will have

18-Although he doesn't particularly like it, my brother doesn't mind……….the table for dinner, but he really dislikes……….it up afterwards.
A)lay / to have cleaned
B)laying / cleaning
C)to lay / having cleaned
D)being laid / to clean
E)to have laid / cleaned

19-We spent hours looking for……….hotel that wasn't fully booked, and finally ended up at…………Royal.
A) the/- B) any/some
C) some/- D) a/the E) the/the

20-Two months ago, I thought the builders………..never……..the job, but now it looks as if the house win be completed by spring.
A)would/finish B)had/finished
C)were/finishing D)will/finish E)have/finished

21-Last night's council meeting………when angry protesters……..tomatoes at the council members.
A)disrupted/were thrown
B)was disrupted/threw
C)had been disrupted/would throw
D)has been disrupted/have been throwing
E)disrupted/were throwing

22- Jane………..for the company much longer, because she………in her resignation already.
A)doesn't work/will hand
B)didn't work/was being handed
C)isn't working/was handed
D)won't be working/has handed
E)won't work/was handing

23-Try to finish your letter before I……….so that l………. it on my way to the shops.
A)left/will post
B)will have left/should post
C)will leave/post
D)have left/will have posted
E)leave/can post

24-When I……..from him after several weeks, I……….to get worried.
A)didn't hear/am beginning
B)won't hear/will begin
C)haven't heard/will have begun
D)hadn't heard/began
E)don't hear/have begun

25-I wish I………..what to get Dad for Christmas. It's so difficult to buy a present for him!
A)have known B)can know
C) knew D) will know E) would know

Find the best completion
26- If the' rain hadn't stopped……….. .
A)the river would have flooded its banks
B)the tennis match has been cancelled
C)I wouldn't have taken an umbrella
D)it had rained heavily for almost a week
E)I will still be staying at home on New Year's Eve

27- Having never been out of England, ……………. .
A)Indonesia was a very confusing place for Richard
B)seeing new places and experiencing new things will have been exciting
C)it was a place that he had never had the courage to visit
D)Tom found everything about India to be completely overwhelming
E)it'd never been the thing that he most wanted to do though

28-What is impossible to forgive is………….. .
A)whether he'll telephone us during his stay there or not
B)his ingratitude after all that we have done for him
C)she should have married him after she'd got to know him better
D)even if you do apologise, it won't make any difference
E)I don't understand why she did something so insensitive

29-………….since it'll be dark when they arrive.
A)They won't be here until 9
B)Let's leave the outside lights on
C)There's no moon tonight
D)They're not travelling by train this time
E) They can't have got lost in town

30- Before Maria starts university, ………….. .
A)she decided to have a holiday first
B)her father seems to be very proud of her success
C)she didn't expect to find a well-paid job
D)she had to pass the entrance exams
E)her family will give a small party for her

31-……….., whereas he is very like his brother.
A)Pete doesn't look like his sister at all
B)John really doesn't like his cousin
C)Jane likes both Graham and Nicholas
D)Bob can't stand living in a big city
E)Robin really loves his little sister

32-Although Egypt was once thought to be the home of the world's oldest civilisation, ……….. .

A)archaeologists now believe that there were even more ancient ones in India
B)Cleopatra is probably the best known queen in history
C)it was based on the yearly flooding of the Nile
D)this is why they make a lot of money from the tourist trade now
E)with so many dynasties spanning a period of several thousand years

33-…………, even after we had stayed up all night working on it.

A)In the end everything was ready and the boss was really pleased
B)We could have watched the film on TV last night if it had been working
C)In the morning we were disheartened to see how much work remained to be done
D)We found that the project only got its funding through last Friday
E)There were no more problems with any of the machinery

34-Despite the high cost of living, ……………… .

A)salaries are fairly high these days
B)people seem to live quite well
C)prices will have been quite reasonable
D)inflation just keeps going up
E)everybody wants to find a well-paid job

Find the Turkish translation of the given
35-If it continues snowing as heavily as it is now, the road to town may be blocked by tomorrow morning.
A)Kar şu anda olduğu gibi yoğun yağmaya devam ederse, yarın sabaha kadar kasabaya giden yol kapanabilir.
B)Eğer kar bu hızla yağmaya devam ederse, yarin sabah kasabaya giden yolun kapalı olacağı kesin gibi görünüyor.
C)Kar şu anda o kadar yoğun yağıyor ki böyle giderse, yarın sabaha kadar kasaba yolu kapanır.
D)Karın şu anki yoğunluğuna bakarak, yarın sabah kasaba yolunun kapalı olacağına kesin gözüyle bakıyorum.
E)Kar yarın sabah da şu anki, yoğunluğuyla yağmaya devam ederse, kasaba yolunu kapatabilir.

38 It is not fair at all to pay women less than men for doing the same job.

A)Erkeklerle ayni işi yapan kadınlara daha az para ödenmesi esitsizliğin göstergesidir.
B)Kadınlar erkeklerle aynı işi yapıyorlar, ama hiç de adil olmayan bir şekilde, daha düşük ücret alıyorlar.
C)Erkeklerle aynı işi yaptıkları halde kadınların daha düşük ücret almasi çok büyük bir haksızlıktır.
D)Kadınlara, aynı işi yapan erkelderden daha az para ödenmesi hiç de adil değil.
E)Haksızlık yapılmaması için aynı işi yapan erkek ve kadın eşit ücret almalıdır.

37-Experts argue that not only does noise lead to a loss of hearing, it also reduces one's efficiency at work.

A)Gürültünün işitme kaybına ya da işte verimliliğin düşmesine neden olup olmadığı uzmanlar arasında bir tartışma konusudur.
B)Uzmanlar, gürültünün işitme kaybı ya da kişinin işteki verimi üzerinde ne gibi etkisi olduğu konusunu tartışıyorlar.
C)Uzmanlara göre, sadece işitme kaybı değil. işte verimliliğin düşmesi de gürültünün birey üzerindeki olumsuz etkilerindendir.
D)Uzmanlar, işitme kaybnın önde gelen nedenlerinden biri olan gürültünün. kişinin işteki verimini de düşürdüğünü ifade ediyorlar.
E)Uzmanlar, gürültünün sadece işitme kaybına yol açmakla kalmadığını, aynı zamanda kişinin işteki verimini de azalttığını savunuyorlar.

38-Psychologists attribute the increase in the suicide rate in recent years to the hard economic conditions.

A)Psikologlar, son yillarda iyice ağırlaşan ekonomik koşulları intihar oranındaki artışın nedeni olarak görüyorlar.
B)Psikologlara göre, son yıllarda intihar oranındaki artışın nedeni ağır ekonomik koşullardir.
C)Psikologlar, son yillarda intihar oranındaki artışın ağır ekonomik koşullara bağlıyorlar.
D)Psikologlar, son yıllarda ekonomik koşulların ağırlaşmasıyla birlikte, intihar oranının arttığını savunuyorlar.
E)Psikologlar, giderek ağırlaşan ekonomik koşulların son yıllarda intihar oranını arttığını ileri sürüyorlar.

39-An extensive survey revealed that 95 percent of the respondents like watching films containing violence.

A)Yapilan bir araştırma, şiddet içeren filmlerin katılımcıların yüzde 95'i tarafindan beğenilerek izlendiğini ortaya çıkarmıştır.
B)Geniş kapsamlı bir araştırma, katılanlarin yüzde 95'inin şiddet içeren filmleri izlemekten hoşlandığını göstermistir.
C)Araştırmaya katılanların yüzde 95'inin siddet filmlerini beğeniyle izliyor olmasi bekenmedik bir sonuctu.
D)Geniş kapsamh bir ankete göre, televizyon izleyicisinin yüzde 95'i siddet içeren filinlerden hoşlanıyor.
E)Ankete katilanlarin ynzde 95'i şiddet içeren filmleri izlemekten hoşlandıklarını belirttiler.

40-If you ask me, you should think twice before accepting the job they offered.

A)Bana sorarsan, teklif ettikleri işi kabul etmeden önce bir kez daha düşünmelisin.
B)Yerinde olsaydım, teteklif ettikleri işi kabul etmeden önce bir kez daha düşünürdüm.
C)Bence, iyice düşünmeden teklif edilen işi kabul etmemelisin
D)Keşke işi1 kabul etmeden önce benim de fikrimi sormayi akıl etseydin.
E)Benim fikrimi sorarsan, teklif edilen işi kabul etmeden önce bir kez daha iyice düşün.

41-We've purchased the house but won't be able to move in until the tenants leave.

A)Eğer kiracılar çıkmazsa, satın aldığımız eve yerlesemeyeceğiz.
B)Satın aldığımız eve taşınmamız ancak kiracılar çıktığı zaman mümkün olacak.
C)Evi satın aldık ama kiracılar çıkıncaya kadar taşınamayacağız.
D)Satın aldığımız eve, kiracılar henüz çıkmadığı için yerleşemiyoruz.
E)Evi satın aldığımız halde, kiracılar çıkmadığı için hala taşınamadık.

42-The success of early social experiences, which determine the child's attitude towards people, depends on the family structure.
A)Aile içindeki ilk toplumsal deneyimlerin başarısı çocuğun insanlara karşi tutumunu belirleyen bir etkendir.
B)Çocuğun insanlarla başarılı ilişkiler kurabilmesi aile içindeki ilk toplumsal deneyimlere bağlıdır.
C)Çocuğun insan ilişkilerinde başarılı olmasını aile içinde yasanan ilk toplumsal deneyimler belirler.
D)Çocuğun insanlara karşi tutumunu belirleyen ilk toplumsal deneyimlerin başarısı aile yapısına bağlıdır.
E)Çocuğun insanlara karşi tutumunu belirleyen ilk toplumsal deneyimler aile yapısı içinde gerçekleşir.

Read the passages and answer the questions
The Normans originally came from Scandinavia and were of Viking descent. During the tenth century they invaded and conquered the northern part of France, which is still called Normandy. In the next century, under William the Conqueror, they invaded and subdued England. This event brought about the end of Saxon England and saw the start of a new era of English history, with new forms of architecture and a new form of social and political order called the feudal system. It is interesting to note that while William was conquering England, other Norman chiefs sailed down the coast of France and Spain, entered the Mediterranean Sea and conquered Sicily and some parts of southern Italy. Norman knights from France and Italy also played a leading role in the Crusades.

43-It can be determined from the passage that……………… .
A)for centuries, there was a war between the Normans and Vikings
B)before coming to France, the Normans were peaceful people
C)the Normans conquered France with the help of the people living in Normandy
D)England was conquered by William in the eleventh century
E) the Normans escaped from Scandinavia due to the oppression of the Vikings

44-In addition to changing the government of England, the Normans…………… .
A)incorporated many Saxon words into their language
B)brought an end to the English feudal system
C)altered the way the English constructed buildings
D)forced the Saxons to help them invade Sicily and Italy
E)ordered the re-writing of English history books

45-From the passage, we understand that…………… .
A)the Sicilians and Italians welcomed the Norman conquerors
B)the Normans were involved in conflicts in many places
C)the Crusades were lost largely because of the Normans
D)the French and Italians are essentially the same people
E)the Norman chiefs had soldiers of many nationalities

Each year, about 7.000 people in the United States are bitten by poisonous snakes. Fewer than a dozen of these persons die, but many are left with disability of a limb and scarring at the site of the bite. Persons at greatest risk are those who handle snakes for purposes of entertainment, religion or science. Outside the high-risk group, hunters, farmers and fishermen are the most likely to be bitten. The best way to tell the difference between a poisonous and a non-poisonous bite is to identify the snake. A non-poisonous bite doesn't usually cause much pain or swelling, though the wound may bleed freely. When there is any doubt as to whether the snake is venomous, presume that the bite was poisonous and take precautions.

46-According to the passage, the people who have the highest chance of being bitten by a snake are those who ………. .
A)hunt animals for sport or who deal with farming
B)try to catch snakes and put them in captivity
C)are unable to distinguish between different snakes
D)work directly with snakes or worship using them
E)are very religious and don't think they'll be bitten

47-The passage informs us that in the USA ……….. .

A)fewer than twelve people die of snakebites annually, although many people are bitten
B)people who have been bitten by snakes get rid of its effects
C)completely in the long term only twelve percent of those who have been bitten by snakes lose their lives
D)farmers and fishermen are more likely to be bitten by snakes than entertainers using snakes
B)many people bitten by snakes are too afraid to revisit the place where it happened

48-The author suggests that if you have been bitten, and haven't managed to identify the snake, …………. .

A)you shouldn't panic but should wait to see whether the bitten area will swell or not
B)you should make the wound bleed in order to remove any poison
C)you can assume you're not at risk if the bite doesn't hurt a lot
D)it is doubtful that the snake that bit you was venomous
E)you should be treated as if the snake was poisonous

The word 'politics' comes from the Latin politia, meaning 'policy', and politics is generally defined as the science or art of government. Politics has played ah increasing part in human affairs since men and women first organised themselves into societies, and most of history is an account of politics in one form or another. There were brief periods, of relatively free or representative government during the Greek and Roman eras. But until the seventeenth century, politics was mostly the concern of powerful monarchs or other people in positions of high authority, such as church leaders. The rise of political parties during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries introduced the concept of government by consent rather than by force.

49-In the writer's opinion, politics………….. .
A)has always been dominated by monarchs or religious leaders
B)has had little effect on ordinary people since the beginning of history
C)is really what a great deal of history is about
D)has always been a very expensive business
E)is a much more interesting subject than history

50-Obviously, during the Greek and Roman eras, there were short periods…………. .

A)when the government members represented the people
B)when people didn't have to give taxes to the government
C)which were completely free from any kind of politics
D)when government members all came from the same, royal family
E)when there was absolutely no government whatsoever

51-It is clear from the passage that in the 17th century………….. .

A)government and politics were always in the hands of kings
B)there was a change in that governments started to rule by force
C)church leaders began to govern countries instead of kings
D)the state of politics was a cause of great concern to most leaders
E)a radical change in the concept of government began to take place

Rubber trees are tapped - that is, cuts are made in the bark so that the latex, a milk-like Juice, containing about 30-40% rubber, can be obtained. The latex is then processed by exposing it to heat and wood smoke, or by mechanical means, so as to separate the rubber from the 'water, mineral salts, sugars, resins and protein matters. The rubber obtained in this way is known as, 'crude' - latex is extensively used in industry for making foam rubber, products. footwear, dolls etc. Untreated crude rubber is naturally soft and lacks the required strength for making into manufactured articles. To improve its strength and usefulness, it is vulcanised, or heated with sulphur, and the proportion of sulphur used determines the hardness and elasticity of, the rubber.

52-From its description, we can say that latex………… .
A)is a hard substance similar to rubber
B)must be a fairly thin, white liquid
C)is almost entirely pure rubber
D)is a by-product of rubber
E)is less useful than crude rubber

53-It~s stated in the passage that untreated crude rubber is not used in industry, because…….. .
A)its content of sulphur carries a nasty odour
B)its milky colour is undesirable
C)it lacks any kind of elasticity
D)it's neither hard nor strong enough
E)it contains far too many impurities

54-In the process of vulcanisation, the principle is, that………… .
A)the heat applied to the mixture should be high enough for rapid evaporation
B)the sulphur contained in the rubber should be extracted as much as possible
C)how hard or flexible the rubber becomes depends, on its sulphur content
D)the more sulphur is used, the harder and the more elastic the rubber becomes
E)the tubber can be separated from water by being heated at high temperatures

The origins of a written literature can be found in most of the civilisations of the ancient world; in India. China and among the Jewish people, whose great work of literature is the Old Testament of the Bible. However, it is the Greeks whose literature is taken to represent the start of Western literature. Their greatest single contribution was drama, a form of literature that has continued undiminished to the present day. Other literary forms that developed from the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans onward have been poetry in its many different styles and forms, the essay, biography and autobiography, and the novel. Other types of written work from these periods, dealing with such matters as history, philosophy, politics, religion, science and criticism may also be classified as literature from the point of view of style.

55- We understand from the passage that………. .
A)the Greeks were not alone as writers of early literature
B)The Romans greatly influenced the Greek playwrights
C)Jews wrote the Bible in places like India and China
D)the Jews are responsible for the start of religious writing
E)all ancient civilisations had their own characteristic literature

56-It is clear from the passage that………….. .
A)the best drama ever written was that of the Greeks
B)drama is only one of many forms of literature
C)drama has become increasingly better through the ages
D)of all Greek literature, only drama remains today
E)Greek and Roman drama contains lots of poetry

57- This passage suggests that written history, philosophy and science………….. .
A)generally appear to have much more style than other literature
B)are quite unrelated to what most scholars usually call literature
C)can be considered literature because of the way they were written
D)are much more important than forms stich as drama and poetry
E)frequently receive large amounts of criticism by literary people

Our tour group of forty people made the train Journey from Hong Kong to Guangzhou on Christmas Day, 1979. We were taken to the thirty-three storey White Cloud Hotel. Even though it was only two years old, the rooms and furnishings already seemed frayed and old. Tips were not allowed and the hotel staff appeared rude. Breakfast was served promptly at seven forty-five. Forty fried eggs appeared on forty plates laid out at four separate tables, ten to a table. Most of our group were still asleep in their beds while their eggs awaited them. ****l teapots were banged on to the tables, together with eighty pieces of toast, twenty per table. At nine sharp, breakfast was over. Eggs, tea and toast were taken away by waitresses within five minutes. This was our introduction to life in Communist China.

58-The author makes it clear that the white Cloud Hotel……….. .
A)was really quite a small hotel
B)was modern but lull of antiques
C)had thirty three rooms in total
D)had rather unfriendly staff
E)was close to a train station

59- It's implied in the passage that breakfast at the White Cloud Hotel……….. .
A)was served from seven to seven forty-five
B)was delivered by room service to some guests
C)could be selected from a wide-ranging menu
D)was generous and delicious. with fast service
E)was served whether guests wanted it or not

60-We can conclude from the author's statements that her overall impression of the hotel was that…………. .
A)it was generally efficient and well-run
B)it was extremely' luxurious and relaxing
C)the service was slow and inefficient
D)it was shabby and totally impersonal
E)the catering at the hotel was superb

Find the English *****alent

61-Teknoloji yaşam standardını, en azından gelmiş ülkelerde, daha bir asir önce hayal bile edilemeyen bir düzeye yükseltilmiştir.

A)Nobody can imagine how technology has raised the standard of living in developed countries in the last
hundred years.
B)Technology, now at an unimaginable level, has raised the standard of living, at least in developed countries, during the last century.
C)At least technology has been raised to an unimaginable level in developed countries in the last century, raising the standard of living as well.
D)Technology has raised the standard of living, at least in developed countries, to a level not even imaginable only a century ago.
E)A hundred years ago, nobody could have imagined the level to which technology would have raised the standard of living in the least developed countries.

62-Köpek yarışı ABD'de, özellikle Florida, Massachusetts ve bazı batı eyaletlerinde sevilen bir spordur.

A)Though very popular throughout the USA, dog racing is especially popular in the western states of Florida and Massachusetts.
B)Dog racing in Massachusetts, Florida and some western states of the USA is especially beloved among sports.
C)In Massachusetts. Florida and some western states, fans of racing in the USA are extremely fond of dogs.
D)In the USA, the love of dog racing is confined to Florida, Massachusetts and some western states.
E)Dog racing is a popular sport in the USA, primarily in Florida, Massachusetts and some western states.

63-Evin tek çekici yanı, hem bizim iş yerimize hem de çocukların okuluna çok yakın olmasıydı.

A)Apart from its being very close to both our job and the children's school, we found the house to be very attractive.
B)If It weren't so close to our workplace and the children's school, we wouldn't have been attracted to that house.
C)The only attraction of the house was that it was very close both to our workplace and to the children's school.
D)Because the house was very close to both our work and the children's school, we found it very attractive.
E)What made the house attractive for us was that it was very close to our job and to the children's school.

64-Her bilim alanınm kendi özel hedefleri ve bunlara ulaşmak için kendi yöntemleri vardır.
A)The methods used in each area of study determine one's own specific goals.
B)Every area of study has its own specific goals and Its own methods for reaching them.
C)One’s own goals in a specific area of study are based on the methods of achieving them.
D)The exact methods for reaching one's goals vary among areas of study.
E)Different areas of study require different methods in order for the goals to be achieved.

65-Videonun avantajlarından biri, evde rahat bir ortamda izlenebilmesidir.
A)It can be very relaxing and advantageous staying at home and watching an entertaining video.
B)The video showed the advantages of having a comfortable home with a good atmosphere.
C)It is an advantage to have a comfortable room at home to watch videos in.
D)One of the advantages of video is that it can be watched at home in a comfortable atmosphere.
E)It is better to watch videos in your own home, where you can relax and be comfortable.
66-Bence bir filmin gişe rekorları kırması onun büyük sanatsal değere sahip olduğu anlamına gelmez.
A)In my opinion, the fact that a film breaks box-office records does not necessarily mean that it has great artistic value.
B)I think that records that are released following the box-office success of a film do not actually reflect anything about Its artistic value.
C)I don't think it can mean that a film lacks artistic value if it doesn't break box-office records.
D)I don't believe that artistic films ever do very well at the box-office, compared to the record-breaking films that get a lot of publicity.
E)I believe that not all the films that set box-office records have great artistic merit.

67-Araştırmalar, başarılı insanların sahip olduğu ortak bir özelliğin azim olduğunu göstermektedir.
A)If people want to be successful in their research, they must persevere and not give up.
B)Research indicates that one quality successful people have in common is perseverance.
C)According to the results of the research, perseverance is one common point between successful people.
D)Whether or not perseverance is common to all successful people is still being researched
E)Researchers state that those who want to be successful have to be persistent.

68-Beni engelleyebileceği olasılığınıdüşünerek, kız kardeşimin yardım önerisini reddettim.
A)I didn’t want to stop to help my sister, since I had other things in my mind.
B)I refused to offer my sister assistance because it would delay my own schedule.
C)I turned down my sister’s offer of help, thinking of the possibility that she might hinder me.
D)My sister said she wanted to help me, but I thought she would just hinder me.
E)It was possible that my sister would delay me; so I rejected her offer of help.

Find the best completion

69-An overweight person beyond the age of forty, who has a family history of diabetes, fails in the high-risk category for contracting this disease. ………. . When both parents are diabetic, however, the risk is even higher, and some authorities believe all such children will be diabetic.
A)Diabetes may occur in a child under the age of ten, but most develop it at a later age
B)Diabetes occurs during the lifetime of 4 percent of women and 2 percent of men
C)Diabetes is diagnosed with a glucose-tolerance test
D)The correct diet is essential for all people with diabetes
E)A child born to one diabetic parent has a one-in-four chance of becoming diabetic

70-There is no trace of the violent event that happened on that cold winter's night over six months ago, as the meteorite came thundering down through the heavens. But then again, this place seems to be able to withstand a nuclear blast without any damage. …………, but we are determined to find it because we know it lies somewhere upon this great glacier of central Greenland.
A)The large, dense objects that survive the fall to the Earth are called meteorites
B)Greenland is subject to intense cold and terrible blizzards
C)A meteorite fr6m Mars that fell to the Earth 13,000 years ago was found in Antarctica
D)Glaciers flow from Greenland's icy mountains and discharge a billion tons of ice into the sea every year
E)The remnants of the meteorite could be hiding anywhere in this endless sea of ice and snow

71-…………… . The letters have no meaning, but in Morse code the combination has a pronounced rhythm which attracts immediate attention. All ships observe two silence periods every hour, listening on certain frequencies to ensure that any distress signal, however weak, will be picked up.

A)Letters were sent between various naval bodies on the subject of safety
B) S.O.S. is the international distress call for use in wireless telegraphy
C)The word 'Mayday,' is derived from the French and means 'Help me'
D)Distress signals are sent on 500-metre or 2000-metre wavelength
E)Sailors of all nationalities agree they will help anyone in trouble at sea

72-It is ironic that the great nuclear powers of the world, the United States and Russia, have made themselves crusaders against the further expansion of nuclear weaponry. They've already got the power, so naturally they have no interest in sharing their nuclear technology with other nations. ………. . Therefore, though their efforts are self-serving and thus do not deserve praise, in practice they must be supported.

A)However, the great powers themselves have taken significant steps towards reducing the nuclear threat
B)The real nuclear threat comes not from poor nations, but from the Russian and American stockpiles of nuclear missiles
C)Thus, the great powers should abandon their hypocrisy and stop interfering in the affairs of other nations
D)It is thus no ordinary person's best interest that the world see any decrease in the nuclear threat
E)Besides, nuclear bombs are good for no one. and they should all be dismantled straight-away

73-……………. . Cave paintings dating back 20,000 years depict forms of ritual dance. Every community has developed a style of tribal or folk dancing, closely related to music, usually of a magical or religious nature. The hypnotic power of certain types of dancing has been demonstrated, among others, by the Dervishes.
A)Cave paintings are one of our best sources of historical knowledge
B)Every religion expresses itself in a variety of different art forms
C)There is no doubt that dance involves a type of therapeutic power
D)Dancing is probably the oldest of all forms of human expressions
E)All cultures have managed to develop their own musical instruments

74-The Sues Canal represents the culmination of centuries of effort to enhance trade and expand the empires of Egypt by connecting the Red and Mediterranean Seas. …………, but its significance came from the fact that it was the only one to bypass the Nile as a means of connecting the two seas and to excavate across the Isthmus of Suez to provide a major shipping route between Europe and Asia.
A)At one stage, following by an outbreak of cholera, all the workers ran away
B)The Israelis entrenched themselves along the eastern bank of the canal
C)By this time the canal was full of sunken ships and sea traffic was paralysed
D)Two small fleets, one originating in Port Said and the other in Suez, met in Ismailia
E)The modem canal was by no means the first project of its kind

What can be said in the given situation
75-You feel that the time in your life has come to buy a flat or a house. Not really knowing how to go about it, you go to an estate agent. He takes you to see several places. At each one he talks a lot, and very fast, but you think they are all over-priced. While you do not wish to accuse him of dishonesty, and you do not wish to appear poor, you do want him to know that you have a price limit and you also want value for money. With this in mind you say to him:
A)I think it'd be best if I told you my upper limit and you showed me the best you have in that price range.
B)Please, save your sales talk for people with more money than good sense.
C)I wouldn't give you half what you're asking for any of these places.
D)I didn't know that prices had gone up so much in recent years. I think I have to save up some more.
E)You don't really sell anything at these prices, do you? They are so high!

76-You’ve planned a picnic for tomorrow, and so you're rather concerned about the weather. The radio is on and you're chatting to a friend when suddenly you hear the start of the weather forecast. Anxious not to miss it, you say to your friend:
A)Hang on a moment. I want to hear this.
B)Are you coming on the picnic tomorrow?
C)We must leave early tomorrow morning
D)Have you heard the weather forecast yet?
E)Do you think it's likely to rain tomorrow?

77-You're at a party, talking to a couple you've just met. The man is one of those people who thinks he knows everything. His wife seems quite shy, and when she finally speaks, her husband instantly interrupts her. He's irritating you, and while you don't want to be rude, you'd much rather talk to her, so you turn to her and say encouragingly:
A)Let's go away and talk somewhere else in private.
B)Is your husband always like this or is he drunk?
C)Sorry, what were you saying? That was interesting.
D)You're much more interesting than your husband.
E)How did you two end up getting married to each other?

78-You have a summer job working in a dress shop. A rather plump woman comes into the shop trying to find a dress for a special evening. The dress she tries on makes her look really fat. You want to make a sale, but you're honest, so you say tactfully:
A)I'm sorry to be frank, but that makes you look like a whale.
B)Well, if you lost a few pounds it wouldn't look too bad.
C)That colour's good on you. but let me find you a different style.
D)Don't you look wonderful! All the other women will be jealous.
E)Perhaps if you wore a jacket, your hips wouldn't look so big.

79-Your elderly neighbour has to go into hospital for a minor operation. She's worrying about it, and feeling afraid. You try to comfort her by emphasising how simple this operation is, so you say:
A)You should be grateful - some people wait years for this treatment.
B)The doctors do this operation every day - you'll be just fine.
C)Don't worry. That hospital is noted for its efficient doctors in such major operations.
D)Don't make such a fuss about it. Many people are worse off.
E)Look at it this way - you're 77 and you've had a good life already.

80-One of your friends hasn't got much money. For your birthday, she makes you a bag herself. You're really thrilled that she's gone to so much trouble for you. You appreciate this, saying:
A)It's fabulous and so unusual. Where did you find it?
B)It's clever of you to save money by mailing things yourself.
C)Thanks a lot. It looks really home-made, doesn't it?
D)I love it, and it means a Jot to me because you made it. .
E)I don't need a present. You shouldn't have wasted your time.

81-You're at work and you're absolutely starving. One of your colleagues starts to unpack her lunch. You'd love something to eat, but you don't want to ask her directly, so you hint, saying:
A)You shouldn't eat in the office, you know.
B)Are those sandwiches home-made or shop-bought?
C)Could I have one of your sandwiches, please?
D)That's not a terribly healthy-looking lunch.
E)Oh dear, those sandwiches smell delicious.

Find the closest in meaning
82-You don't happen to know Charles Simons, do you?
A)Do you know what happened to Charles Simons?
B)You haven't done anything to Charles Simons, have you?
C)Have you heard what Charles Simons did last?
D)Are you acquainted with Charles Simons by any chance?
E)Nothing bad ever happens to Charles Simons, does it?

83-Only those who arrive on time will be allowed to enter the conference hall.
A)It's imperative to be punctual, or we won't be able to attend the conference.
B)People who turn up late for the conference won't be let in.
C)Those who want to attend the conference should be ready in front of the hall to be let in punctually.
D)It's a good thing that they won't let the late-comers into the conference hall, or it would be distracting.
E)If those interested in the conference are punctual, the program will start on time.

84-Few people ever reach their full potential in the world of business.
A)In the business environment, most people are never able to display all of their capabilities.
B)Most businessmen never achieve worldwide fame, although they are very able persons.
C)Not many people in the business circles know exactly what they can do.
D)In the world of business, not many people actually do what they would like to.
E)There aren't many businessmen the world over who are really capable.

85-It is safe to say that there was no one who was not moved by the film's emotional ending.

A)I can definitely say that everyone moved out of the cinema as soon as the film was over.
B)Because of poor safety conditions at the cinema, everyone had to move before the film ended
C)There is no doubt that everyone was emotionally touched by the film’s ending.
D)No one in the audience had ever seen a better film, and they particularly liked its ending.
E)There was probably not a single person who found the film moving.

86-Ian couldn't ignore the pile of correspondence sitting on his desk any longer.

A)Ian wasn't able to answer all the long letter8 which he'd received.
B)It was not possible for Ian to write a lot of long letters at work.
C)In the end, Ian decided that it was impossible to reply to all the letters on his desk
D)Finally lan had to deal with the large amount of mail waiting on his desk.
E)Ian delayed writing a reply to the letter on his desk until the last possible moment.

87-I must admit this is the most spectacular view I've ever seen during my extensive travels.

A)So far on this Journey, we’ve seen a lot of beautiful places, but this one is by far the most attractive.
B)I can't help but remark that the reason why I travel so extensively is not to miss, such marvellous places as this one.
C)I don't think we'll ever encounter a more beautiful view in our lives than this, since it is so breath-taking.
D)I'm really excited about the prospect that we may encounter many more such spectacular view's on our travels.
E)I've travelled quite a lot in my life, and admittedly, have never seen such a breath-taking view as this.

Find the sentence that does not suit


(I) Currently the world produces sufficient food to feed itself surprisingly well. (II) In the 19605, the worst of the food crisis was in India and Pakistan. (III) The problem is in getting it distributed fairly. (IV) Developing nations are poor and lack purchasing power. (V) Furthermore, even if they were able to import the food they need, because of the huge gaps between people's incomes, they wouldn't be able to distribute it fairly.


89-(I) The Crimean war was fought between France and Britain on the one side, and Imperial Russia on the other. (II) The former two nations were opposed to Russian expansion towards the Mediterranean Sea. (III) The war was fought on the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea. (IV) Apart from Russia, many other countries, including Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and the Ukraine bordered the Black Sea. (V) Hostilities started in 1854 and ended in 1856 with a victory for France and England.


(I)Many improvements in mapping coverage during the20th century have been made through international cooperation. (II) Mapmakers of long ago drew pictures on maps to show where things were located. (III) For example, to show a village they might have drawn houses, a castle, a church and other buildings on the map. (IV) Their maps were beautiful and easy to understand, but the drawings were often so large that the map became cluttered and inaccurate. (V) Today, symbols are used instead of drawings. A town is marked by a dot or circle rather than by pictures of buildings.



(I)As a writer. Emile Zola waged two great battles. (II) One was the long struggle for the acceptance of his powerful novels, and the other the courageous, defence of Captain Alfred Dreyfus in the political-military scandal that divided France. (III) Slowly the truth of these began to emerge, and it met the furious opposition of those who wanted the case kept closed. (IV) Zola won both fights. (V) The critics and the public both realised that his novels were serious studies of mankind, and Dreyfus was eventually exonerated.



(I) Wood has been the most commonly used material for furniture since antiquity. (II) There are ample reasons for this. (III) Perhaps most important is that wood can be easily shaped both by hand and by power tools. (IV) It is relatively light and durable, and many types are handsomely figured and grained. (V) Yet, steel and concrete are the predominant materials used to construct high buildings and long-span bridges.



(I) Pain, stiffness and swelling in the joints are the main symptoms of arthritis. (II) The onset is usually gradual, and the symptoms are worse first thing in the morning. (III) These improve with exercise of the joint. (IV) Two main functions of the joints are that they give support, and they allow movement where it is needed. (V) The symptoms are generally worse in the hands, knees, hips and spine.


Find the completion

94- Nancy: I don't understand what this painting is supposed to represent.
Thomas : ……………………….
Nancy : What? I can't see that at all.
Thomas : Well, that's what it says in the catalogue.

A)I also think It's an awful painting. The colours are too bright.
B)Well, apparently, it's a painting of a mother and her child,
C)Can you imagine it in our living room hanging over the fireplace?
D)Well, it is one of those modern paintings without a specific figure.
E)I painted it myself in my free time, and didn't actually intend to make it look like something.

95- Sam: …………………………..
Jim:, I'd rather you didn't. It was very expensive.
Sam: I promise I'll take good care of it.

A)I have to attend a very elegant business meal tonight.
B)Would you mind If I borrowed your Armani suit?
C)I'd like to buy a new sports car just like yours. Do you recommend it?
D)Can you lend me your camera this weekend?
E)Can I use your sunglasses when I go to the beach?

96- Henry: Goodnight, Mum and Dad. I'm off to bed.
Father: ………………
Henry: But Dad, I did it last night.
Father: Maybe so, but they're full again tonight.

A)Don't forget to brush your teeth and wash your face.
B)What time do you want me to wake you up tomorrow?
C)Not until you've taken the rubbish bins outside.
D)Remember, we're having dinner with Granny tomorrow. Do your homework in the afternoon.
E)Good luck In your exams tomorrow morning at school.

97- Bruce: Can you tell me how much these watches cost?
Salesman: That one's £50 and the other Is. £125.
Bruce: ………………………..
Salesman: Well, it's a designer watch and has a lifetime guarantee.

A)Why is this one so much more expensive?
B)Can you tell me why they are so costly?
C)Why is there such a big difference in price?
D)Oh! Thanks, goodbye. I'll think about it.
E)I see. So that would be a total of £175.

98- Sophie: Can I have a look at the book you're reading?
Tessa: ………………..
Sophie: Don't worry, I’ll keep my finger in it.

A)It's in German. Can you read that?
B)No, I'm reading it at the moment.
C)I'll give It to you when I've finished.
D)Okay. but please don't damage It.
E)Sure, but please don't lose my place:

99~Wayne: …………………..
Julia: Well. what's your opinion? Wayne: I don't know. I don't understand international finance.

A)People are saying the dollar Is going to fall next week.
B)We want to send our son to the USA for his university education.
C)Both Turkey's and Italy's currencies are called the lira.
D)I doubt that many people can afford these new cars.
E)Switzerland's always been politically and economically stable.

100-5hiriey: So what was the outcome of the meeting?
Julian: …………………..
Shirley: Oh, what a pity, but you'll just have to wait a little longer to hear the assessment of your project, I suppose.

A)It was a complete disaster. We lost the contract.
B)It was postponed. The chairman couldn't attend it.
C)The board voted to cancel our project, I'm afraid.
D)Shirley, my dear. I think we're going to be rich.
E)Oh, it was boring and I couldn't wait to get home.


1.D 2.C 3.B 4.A 5.C 6.E 7.B 8.D 9.C 10.C
11.D 12.E 13.A 14.B 15.A 16.E 17.C 18.B 19.D 20.A
21.B 22.D 23.E 24.D 25.C 28.A 27.D 28.B 29.B 30.E
3l .A 32.A 33.C 34.B 35.A 36.D 37.E 38.C 39.B 40.A
41.C 42.D 43.D 44.C 45.B 46.D 47.A 48.E 49.C 50.A
51.E 52.B 53.D 54.C 55.A 56.B 57.C 58.D 59.E 60.D
61.D 62.E 63.C 64.B 65.D 66.A 67.B 68.C 69.E 70.E
71.B 72.A 73.D 74.E 75.A 76.A 77.C 78.C 79.B 80.D
81.E 82.D 83.B 84.A 85.C 86.D 87.E 88.B 89.D 90.A
91.C 92.E 93.D 94.B 95.B 96.C 97.A 98.E 99.A 100.B