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1-I wish someone would ………..me as to the causes of the latest crises.
A) erase B) irrigate
C) enlighten D) extinguish E) obtain

2-"National Geographic" is his favourite magazine, and he has been………..to it for years in order to ensure that he doesn't miss any issue.
A) subscribing B) acquiring
C) processing D) publishing E) purchasing

3-"Jack the Ripper" was one of the most famous murderers of all time, and his………..were all young women in East London.
A) conquerors B) survivors
C) remainders D) residents E) victims

4-Though many people had taken part in the planning, the responsibility…………..lay with the president.
A) ambitiously B) ultimately
C) nearly D) sufficiently E) formerly

5-Birds have no reasoning powers, but they are able to find their way over long distances………. .
A) instinctively B) resistibly
C) honourably D) formally E) doubtfully

6- She is such a/an…………person that she never bothers to phone to tell someone she is going to visit.
A) unconscious B) valueless
C) disobedient D) inconsiderate E) illiterate

7-Although everyone is happy that there will be an election, no one can tell………it will bring a better government.
A) for B) while
C) during D) as E) whether

8-Her father was furious at her performance at school, and didn't allow her to go out with her friends…….her schoolwork improved.
A) in case B) provided
C) until D) because E) since

9-Adventures are always fun to talk about afterwards, ……….unpleasant they may have been at the time.
A)in spite of B) whereas
C) however D) instead of E) besides

10-Although we arrived……….the city at around 8 a.m., we didn't arrive……….the hotel until 10, because we got stuck in the rush hour traffic.
A) to/for B) in/at
C) over/to D) by/on E) from/in

11-Everyone on board the ship congratulated the captain…………his success………getting the ship out of the storm safe and sound.
A) for/with B) to/from
C) over/on D) on/in E) in/for

12- Not another rainy day! This weather is really………me……….. .
A) waking/up B) seeing/off
C) getting/down D) setting/out E) putting/on

13- The basic principle of weaving has not changed since the late Stone Age, ………..humans first wove rushes and grasses into baskets and mats.
A) whose B) when
C) how D) where E) which

14-I can't believe that you ate……….. chicken just on your own!
A)a whole B) every
C) plenty D) most E) either

15-It is difficult to decide which language school to attend, because……..have a good reputation, and…….is cheaper than the other.
A) all/either B) most/some
C) none/all .D) both/neither E) neither/one

16-When I gave…………the results of……….test, some students looked very disappointed.
A)they/theirs B) myself/them
C) him/mine D) me/themselves E) them/their

17-My parents were not very keen on going out for dinner after we had received some unpleasant news, ……. .
A) but I wasn't B) and I was too
C) and neither was I D) but I had E) and so had I

18-Of the many treasures excavated in Egypt, the limestone head of Queen Nofretete is one of ………. .
A) a finer B) fine enough
C) too fine D) the finest E) as line as

19- British author Graham Greene wrote………..extensively……….once he forgot about a novel he wrote in 1944. Rediscovered in 1984, 'The Tenth Man' was published a year later.
A) so/that B) as/as
C) more/than D) such/that E) too/than

20-Luckily, the small yacht………..the harbour just as the storm………. .
A) was reaching/would hit
B) had reached/is hitting
C) reached/hit
D) has reached/was hitting h
E) would reach/had hit

21-Though they………..much of it yet, the roof…………by the end of next week.
A) don’t finish/will complete
B) haven't finished/should be completed
C) aren't finishing/will have completed
D) can't have finished/is completed
E) won't finish/is going to complete

22-It's too late now; if you………..to go, you…….last week.
A)will want/would be registering
B)wanted/should have registered
C)had wanted/will be registering
D)will have wanted/must have registered
E)have wanted/had registered

23-I wish l………..to the book fair which……….next week.
A)have gone/was being held
B)went/is holding
C)were going/is being held
D)am going/will be held
E)could go/had been held
24-George and his brother………very close, but they……….each other now for years.
A)must be/needn't see
B)have been/hadn't seen
C)might be/don't see
D)could have been/didn't see
E)used to be/haven't seen

25-The relations between the two countries……….even more since the latest economic crisis…….. .
A)are deteriorating/is beginning
B)will have deteriorated/has begun
D)were deteriorating/had begun
E)have deteriorated/began

Find the best completion
26-Carlos hadn't even heard of baseball until he moved to the States at 15, …….. .
A)as he lived only a few miles from a professional stadium
B)and there he finally got to see the players he'd read about
C)although he grew up playing the game with his friends
D)but within a year, he was among the best players of his school
E)yet he had seen hundreds of games on his uncle's television

27-Considering that you have never had any formal training as a computer programmer, ……….. .
A)you show a remarkable amount of ability
B)so that you can do the job as well as anyone else in the office
C)which is the way everyone always did it until recently
D)you will have finished the course by early next year
E)you can probably recommend a suitable software for my aim

28-If more people had bought his first novel, ………. .
A)it hadn't been properly publicised, according to some critics
B)he gave up writing as a career and found a steady job
C)the competition from more established novelists was too keen for him
D)he might have been encouraged to continue writing
E)he keeps trying anyway in spite of his economic hardship

29-Rotterdam has few old buildings, ………… .
A)including the brand new bridge over the new harbour
B)because the city was nearly destroyed in World War II
C)as the city will be rebuilt in the next couple of years
D)unlike Brasilia, which was almost totally rebuilt in the 1970s
E)since Amsterdam was established in the Middle Ages

30-………..since he died before he could write the final chapter.
A) He always preferred the quiet of the shed in his garden
B)It was the best thing he had ever written
C)We will never know how the story ends
D)The book could have sold out as soon as it was published
E)There was nothing particularly inspiring about the technique

31-Because of the poor sanitation during the Middle Ages, ………… .
A)skin diseases have since become much less common
B)boiling all drinking water is one precaution against the disease
C)some people tried to be clean, but most were very dirty
D)typhoid epidemics are common in developing countries
E)many people died from infectious diseases, such as cholera

32-In view of the fact that he had just recovered from tuberculosis, ……… .
A)he had been left very weak by the disease
B)it hasn't been a very severe attack anyway
C)and also he was not naturally very strong
D)he performed surprisingly well in the race
B)he appears to be extremely cheerful

33-Whatever the final result, ......…… .
A)we can be proud that we have done our best
B)it is a shame that we lost after playing so well
C)there is a good chance that we might win
D)both sides play so well that it is difficult to predict
E)we'll either win the match or lose it by a small margin

34-…………, he had been unemployed for many months.
A)Before he found a job as an engineer
B)As he has finally managed to get a job interview
C)Although the company he worked for went bankrupt
D)As soon as he'd heard about the result of the interview
E)During the entire time he worked as an accountant

Read the following passages and mark the best
One of the smallest of all mammals is the shrew, a mouse like creature with a head and body length of only 3.8 centimetres. All shrews are small, with dense, velvety fur, long tails, and tiny eyes and ears. Shrews have been called bloodthirsty, though the label is not entirely accurate because they must eat almost constantly to stay alive. The animal is believed to have a very high ****bolic rate and cannot live more than a few hours without food. In the absence of normal prey, it will turn to cannibalism to survive. The shrew, or some closely related animal, can be found on every continent except Australia. Since this tiny animal has a reputation for having a very bad temper, the adjective "shrewish" is sometimes used to describe a certain type of women.

35-The passage tells us that the shrew……… .
A)has a very short life span
B)is similar to a mouse in appearance
C)lives in dense forests
D)makes an exceptionally good pet
E)is in the habit of eating every two hours

36-The passage states that shrews……….. .
A)are found in huge numbers in Australia
B)are the smallest living mammals
C)eat each other when they can't find any food
D)feed on the blood of other mammals
E)eat rarely but in large amounts at a time

37-From what is stated in the passage, we can infer that a shrewish woman is someone who………… .
A)has tiny eyes and ears
B)is very fond of velvet and fur
C)keeps shrews as pets
D)easily gets annoyed
E)is noticeably smaller than the average

Over the past 30 years, children's consumption in Britain has increased dramatically. In the average family of two parents and two children, spending on toys and children's clothing has more than tripled, and spending on sweets, ice-cream and soft drinks has risen by one-third. Research has recently found that spending is around £3,000 per child per year. The growth in spending reflects higher living standards, but it has been boosted by the efforts of the advertising industry. Campaigns directed straight at children account for much advertising expenditure. Most children in Britain over eight now have a television in the bedroom; on average, they watch 900 hours of TV a year, which is more than the 750 hours the average child is actually being taught in school. Thus a child could see at least 10,000 commercials a year.
38-The average family 30 years ago………. .
A)bought more children's clothes and books and less ice-cream and candy
B)watched more TV commercials than today
C)had a higher living standard than today
D)didn't have a television set
E)spent far less on children's products

39-One reason that children's consumption in Britain has risen is that……….. .
A)parents tend to have fewer kids now
B)more kids are involved in advertising campaigns
C)researchers advise parents to spend £3000 per year
D)the living standard has risen in the country over the years
E)children have much more money themselves nowadays

40-The author concludes the fact that most children over 8 now have their own television set means…….. .
A)children prefer watching television to going to school
B)children are not as healthy as they were
C)more, children are missing school in order to watch television
D)an increasing amount of commercials are being watched by children
E)children spend a lot of time away from their parents

A movement called Jubilee 2000 is campaigning for Third World debt cancellation as a fitting way to mark the millennium. Launched two years ago, the group is now working in 42 countries, and is now supported by a large number of celebrities. Leaders of the group are harsh critics of the big creditors' role in the developing world. In Tanzania, for example, one child in six dies before the age of five due to the lack of proper health care, but the government spends four times more on paying the interest on its debts than on primary health care. Money needed for health and education programs goes instead to rich international creditors, whose billions have often supported corrupt elites.

41-According to the passage, the purpose of Jubilee 2000 is……… .
A)to hold a charity concert involving a lot of celebrities
B)to allow poor nations to escape paying back large loans
C)to criticise big creditors in the developing world
D)to have a big party on New Year's Eve at the millennium
E)to raise as much money as possible to help poor nations

42-The leaders of Jubilee 2000 argue that………… .
A)42 countries need to have their debts cancelled
B)creditors should lend poor nations more money for primary health care
C)celebrities of the developing countries are not responsible enough
D)celebrities are important in making the world a better place to live
E)paying interest on huge debts is one reason many children die in developing countries

43-The passage implies that ordinary people in the developing world……… .
A)cannot afford to celebrate the millennium
B)should be helped by the big creditors in their countries
C)would benefit from large debts being cancelled
D)are often the ones who haven't received any education
E)are ignorant of basic principles of health care

Palmistry is the practice of 'reading hands', of gaining knowledge about personality, past individual history, and likely future events by examining the shape and size of the fingers and, most important, the lines and bumps on the palms themselves. There is some evidence that palmistry may have begun in the Stone Age. Hand outlines can be seen in black and red pigments on the walls of the ancient caves of Almira in Spain and in other European caves. Palmistry as it exists today probably had its origins in ancient India long before recorded history and found its way into western Europe through nomadic bands of Gypsies, who made contact with Europe in the 15th century.

44-Of the following, the one not mentioned in the passage as part of palmistry is………. .
A)foretelling the future
B)changing the events of the future
C) exploring people's pasts
D)learning about things that may happen
E)learning about character

45-It is stated in the passage that the most essential thing for a palm reader to do is……….. .
A)to examine people's past histories
B)to inspect the fingers carefully
C)to practise by 'reading' many palms
D) to look closely at the surface of the palm
E)to learn about different personality types

46-The passage explains that it is most likely that palmistry as we know it began……….. .
A)in various parts of Europe
B)in India in ancient times
C)in caves in Spain
D)in the 15th century
E)in the Stone Age

Aphids are tiny green insects that are a chronic pest for farmers. Spiders and ground beetles living along field margins can keep their numbers under control. But as fields have become larger, the spiders and beetles take longer to get to the middle of them, so farmers began using pesticides for a problem that was once controlled naturally. An insect ecologist came up with a new solution called "beetle banks". These are one metre-wide strips of grass planted at 100-metre intervals across the fields. After two years, there will be enough beetles and spiders in one beetle bank to eat 52 million aphids a week, and the farmer will get rid of aphids without using a single drop of pesticide.

47-We can infer from the passage that………. .
A)all insects are pests for farmers
B)spiders and beetles are beneficial for farmers
C)farmers want to keep the number of spiders and beetles under control
D)farmers are legally not allowed to use pesticide'
E)aphids are only dangerous if they amount to large numbers

48-The passage states that……….. .
A)beetle banks are a natural method of pest control
B)beetles can eat 52 million aphids every two years
C)farmers have to keep checking the numbers of aphids in their fields
D)one of the jobs of insect ecologists is to develop pesticides
E)the main purpose of pesticides is to kill beetles and spiders

49-Though he does not state it directly, the author seems to believe that....……… .
A)natural methods are inadequate to control aphids
B)pesticides are usually the best way of controlling pests
C)beetle banks are one-metre wide strips of grass
D)spiders and beetles should stay in field margins so they won't bother the farmers
E)'natural methods are better than pesticides for controlling pests

The ancient Greeks built open-air theatres, usually on a hillside, with semi-circular rows of seats overlooking a circular space called the orchestra. The restored theatre at Epidaurus, dating from about 350 B.C., is a good example of a Classical Greek theatre. The Romans altered this plan by introducing a raised platform for the performers. The first theatre in London was erected in Shoreditch by Richard Burbage, a colleague of Shakespeare; a little later, in about 1590, he built the more famous Globe theatre across the River Thames at Southwark. However, the first theatre in the modern sense was built at Parma, Italy in 1618, with the familiar plan of an auditorium with a raised stage and a curtain.

50-It is clear from the passage that ancient Greek theatres………. .
A)had no ceilings at all
B)were restored in 350 B.C.
C)had elevated stages
D)were built in valleys
E)had circular seating

51-We learn from the passage that the Globe theatre was……….. .
A)built by Shakespeare himself with the help of Richard Burbage
B)built in Shoreditch, a London district on the River Thames
C)on the other side of the Thames from London's first theatre
D)the first theatre ever built in London
E) next to London's first ever theatre

52-It is implied in the passage that all modern theatres ……… .
A)have semi-circular rows of seats
B)have a familiar plan
C)closely resemble the Classical Greek theatre
D)are built on flat ground
E)employ a large orchestra

Find the statement for the blank
53-Once upon a time in Britain, food was something you simply ate. Industrialised early, Britain became a country of cities and factories well before the continent, and Britons got used to eating from tins. In the 40s and 50s, 15 years of war rations solidified the tradition. Food was eaten, but it was not talked about. ……….. . Food has become a national obsession.
A)It will probably always be that way
B)We know from novels that the British ate more interesting things before the industrial age
C)Nevertheless, English cheeses are not as bad
D)Most people feel that the less said about English food, the better
E)However, now the British seem to talk about nothing else.

54-Niagara Falls, on the Canada-USA border, must be one of the most photographed spots in the world. ……… . The Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side of the border is much the larger of the two. As the name indicates, it is a large semicircle. The American Falls, slightly higher than the Horseshoe Falls, is almost in a straight line. Nineteen times as much water flows over the Canadian falls as over the American ones.
A)People have gone over Niagara Falls in a barrel as a stunt
B)One reason is that it is a favourite honeymoon spot
C)It is actually two separate waterfalls
D)The border between the US and Canada is said to be the longest unguarded border in the world
E)Some scientists are worried about the effects of erosion on the falls

55-A mineral can be regarded as a solid material with a fixed chemical composition and having elements that are similar throughout. This is how minerals differ from rocks. ……….. . Granite, for example, is made up mostly of three minerals - quartz, feldspar and mica. These three minerals, however, are not always present in the same quantities.
A)Minerals always have the same composition and structure, while rocks are usually made up of a mixture of minerals
B)It is particularly interesting to note that about half the Earth's crust is made up of oxygen
C)Except for agricultural products, most of our raw materials come from minerals found in rocks
D)One of the first things you might notice about a mineral is its colour, though this can be misleading
E)Analysing such bodies as meteorites, we find that the Earth is probably largely made up of iron, oxygen, silicon and magnesium in that order

56-Branches of the same family, the Czechs and the Slovaks speak similar tongues. Slovaks endured Hungarian rule for most of their history; Czechs enjoyed power and influence before bending to Habsburg control. …….. . In the "velvet Revolution" of 1989, they rejoiced in the same victory over 41 years of Communist rule. Yet barely two years later, they had sued for a "velvet divorce", splitting the country into the Czech and Slovak Republics.
A)Hitler invaded part of Czechoslovakia in World War II
B)At one time, a part of the present-day Ukraine was included in Czechoslovakia
C)The most famous Czech literary figure is 'The Good Soldier Schveik"
D)After World War I, a free nation composed of the two of them, Czechoslovakia, was created
E)Religion is said to be more important for the Slovaks than for the Czechs

57-ln the year 1906, San Francisco was wrecked by an earthquake. The earthquake was the result of movement along the San Andreas Fault, which runs for almost 1300 kilometres along the west coast of America. It seems as if the whole floor of the Pacific Ocean was shifted northwards by a distance of about 6 metres. ………. . A great deal of the damage was, however, not caused directly by the earthquake itself, but by the flees that raged as gas mains were severed.
A)Tokyo is another city which often suffers from earthquakes
B)It is very likely that the San Andreas Fault may move again
C)Architectural advances have meant that there are more and more earthquake-proof buildings
D)This apparently small lateral movement of rock was enough to kill 700 people and to cause a huge amount of damage
E)Earthquakes are shockwaves that spread out in all directions from the source when rocks are suddenly and violently disturbed

58-Pyramids have been built in many parts of the world, but the most famous are in Egypt. …….. . Known as the Step Pyramid because of its unusual stepped shape, it was the world's first large all-stone structure. The largest of the Egyptian pyramids is the Great Pyramid of the pharaoh Cheops at Gisa, which is made of over 2 million stone blocks, each weighing from two to fifteen tons. It took approximately 23 years to build this massive structure.
A)Before this, the dead were buried in smaller stone structures called mastabas
B)The first was built more than four thousand years ago as his tomb by a pharaoh named Zoser
C)Every year thousands of tourists visit the pyramids of Giza
D)Some people believe that pyramids have magical properties
E)The civilisation of ancient Egypt was one of the most stable in world history

Find the English Translation

59-Mahkum, yasa dışı yollarla yurt dışına antika parçalar çıkardığını şiddetle inkar etti ama bütün deliller onun aleyhineydi .
A)In spite of strong denials from the convict, the evidence proved that the antiquities had been taken abroad illegally by him.
B)Despite the overwhelming evidence, the criminal still firmly denied that he had taken the stolen antiquities abroad illegally.
C)The convict strongly denied that he'd taken antiquities abroad illegally, but all the evidence was against him.
D)Although it was clear from the evidence that he had taken the stolen antiquities abroad illegally the convict refused to admit this.
E)There was strong evidence that he had exported the antiquities illegally, which the convict firmly denied.

60-O kadar çok yalan söylediki artık arkadaşları ona ne güvenebiliyor ne de söylediği şeylere inanıyorlar.
A)He has lost both the trust and understanding of his friends through his persistent telling of lies.
B)Had he not told so many lies, his friends may still have trusted him and believed in him.
C)Because he tells so many lies, it is difficult for his friends either to trust him or to believe anything he says any longer.
D)He has told so many lies that his friends can neither trust him nor believe anything he says any longer.
E)As a result of his incessant lying, his friends can no longer trust him, nor can they believe anything he says.

61-Denize kıyısı olan hemen tüm ülkelerin bir biçimde sahil koruma servisleri vardır.
A)Nearly all countries with coastlines have some form of coast guard service.
B)All countries, except for landlocked ones, have their coastlines protected by a special police.
C)Any country with a coast should employ a coast guard service.
D)Coast guard services operate in most countries with coastlines.
E)If a country has a coastline, it should invest in some form of coast guard service.

62-Çiğ kahve uzunsüre dayanır ancak kavbrulmuş yada öğütülmüş kahve, havcayla temas ettiği takdirde, tadını ve güzel kokusunu hemen yitirir.
A)Green coffee keeps for a long time, while roasted and ground coffee quickly loses flavour and aroma if exposed to the air.
B)Unlike green coffee beans, which keep for a long time, roasted and ground coffee beans lose their flavour and aroma rapidly if exposed to the air.
C)Exposure to air makes roasted and ground coffee quickly lose its flavour, but green coffee can be kept for a long time.
D)Once green coffee has been roasted and ground, it loses both Its flavour and aroma quickly if exposed to air, but in its green form it keeps a long time.
E)Green coffee beans can be kept for longer than they can after they have been roasted and ground, when they lose their flavour and aroma quickly.

63-Yolculara, uçağın kalkışı ve inişi sırasında sigara içmemeleri ve kemerlerini bağlı tutmaları söylenir.
A)Seat-belts should be fastened for take-off and landing, during which passengers are also requested not to smoke.
B)The flight attendants tell the passengers not to smoke and ask them to fasten their seat-belts during the plane's take-off and landing.
C)It is essential that passengers keep their seat-belts fastened during the plane's take-off and landing and passengers are also advised not to smoke.
D)Passengers are instructed not to smoke and to keep their seat-belts fastened during the plane's take-off and landing.
E)There is a no-smoking policy on the plane and passengers are instructed to keep their seat-belts fastened for take-off and landing.

64-Katherine Mansfteld'in eserlerinin çoğu, kendi yaşamında olayları ve mekanları yansıtmaktadır.
A)Incidents and scenes from her own interesting life are often reflected in Katherine Mansfield's novels.
B)Katherine Mansfield made the most of her own experiences by using them in her works.
C)Katherine Mansfield wrote about most of the incidents and scenes from her life.
D)Katherine Mansfield's works are mostly reflections of incidents and scenes from her own short life.
E)Most of Katherine Mansfield's works reflect incidents and scenes from her own life.

65-Radyumun en yaygın kullanılan biçimleri, başlıca kullanım alanları kanser tedavisi olan, radyum klorid ye radyum bromid gibi tuzlardır.
A)Cancer can be treated with radium, whose most commonly used forms are radium chloride and radium bromide.
B)When it is in the form a such salts as radium chloride or radium bromide, radium is a primary treatment of cancer.
C)The most commonly used forms of radium are such salts as radium chloride and radium bromide, whose primary use is in the treatment of cancer.
D)Radium in the form of the salts radium chloride and radium bromide are most commonly used in the primary care of cancer patients.
E)The most significant use of radium, usually in the form of radium chloride and radium bromide, is in the treatment of cancer.

66-Tüm kuzey yarımkürede, bazıları belki de 40 milyon yaşında olan, fosilleşmiş üzüm yaprakları, çekirdekleri ve sapları bulunmuştur.
A)Some of the fossils of grape leaves, seeds and stems which have been found in the Northern Hemisphere appear to be from 40 million years ago.
B)Fossilised leaves, seeds and stems of grapes, some of them perhaps 40 million years old, have been found throughout the Northern Hemisphere.
C)40-million-year old fossils of grape leaves, stems and seeds have been found scattered throughout the Northern Hemisphere.
D)It's clear from the fossilised leaves, seeds and stems found in the Northern Hemisphere that grapes first appeared about 40 million years ago.
E)Some of the fossilised leaves, seeds and stems of grapes which have been found throughout the Northern Hemisphere are probably 40 million years old.

Find the Turkish translation of the given

67-We'll have no financial hardships provided that all of our members regularly pay their dues.
A)Maddi sıkıntı çekmememiz için tüm üyelerimizin aidatlarını düzenli olarak vermeleri gerekir.
B)Üyelerimizin hepsi düzenli aidat ödemediği için maddi sıkıntı çekiyoruz.
C)Maddi sıkıntılarımızı aşmak için tüm üyelerimizin düzenli olarak aidat ödemesi koşulunu getirdik.
D)Maddi skıntılarımızı aşmanın tek koşulu, üyelerimizin hepsinin düzenli aidat ödemesidir.
E)Tüm üyelerimiz düzenli olarak aidadarını ödedikleri takdirde hiçbir maddi sıkıntımız kalmaz.

68-At the University of San Francisco, where there are also a significant number of foreign students, female students outnumber males.
A)San Francisco Üniversitesinde yabancı kız öğrenci sayısı erkek öğrenci sayısına henüz tam olarak ulaşamamıştır.
B)San Francisco Üniversitesinde bulunan çok sayıda yabancı öğrenci arasında, bayanların sayısı erkek öğrencilerin sayısıyla neredeyse eşittir.
C)Önemli sayıda yabancı öğrencinin de bulunduğu San Francisco Üniversitesinde, bayan öğrenciler sayıca erkeklerden üstündür.
D)Bayan öğrencilerin sayıca üstün olduğu San Francisco Üniversitesinde, erkek öğrencilerin büyük bir bülümü yabancıdır.
E)San Francisco Üniversitesine devam eden yabancı öğrencilerin önemli bir bölümü erkektir ama genel olarak kız öğrencilerin sayısı fazladır.

69-The value of an old coin is determined not by its age but by its scarcity, its condition, and the demand for it.
A)Eski bir rnadeni paranın degeri yaşıyla değil , nadir olusu , durumu ve ona olan taleple belirlenir.
B)Eski bir madeni paranın değerini yaşı kadar, az bulunur olması, durumu ve ona olan talep de etkiler.
C)Madeni bir paranın değerini belirlerken sadece yaşı değil , durumu, ender olup olmadıgı ve ona olan talep de göz önüne alınır.
D)Eski bir madeni paranm dğerini belirlemede önemli olan yaşı değil , durumu , az olusu ve ona olan taleptir.
E)Madeni bir paranın eski olması onun degerli oldugu anlamına gelmez çünkü durumu ve ona olan talep gibi etkilerde de önemlidir.

70-Due to the shortage of some essential raw materials, the factory had to reduce its production by half.
A)Temel hammaddelerin bulunmasında biraz sıkıntı çekildigi için fabrika yarı kapasiteyle üretim yapıyor.
B)Bazı temel hammaddelerdeki sıkıntı yüzünden fabrika üretimini yarıya indirmek zorunda kaldı.
C)Fabrikanın üretimini yarıya indirmek zorunda kalmasının nedeni temel hammaddelerde duyulan sıkıntıdır.
D)Fabrikayı üretimi yarıya indirmeye zorlayan temel neden hammadde bulmada çekilen sıkıntıydı.
E)Bir kaç temel hammaddenin bulunamaması fabrikayi yarı kapasiteyle üretime zorladı.

71-Eating a balanced diet and taking regular exercise help increase your resistance against diseases.
A)Hastalıklara karşı direnç kazanmak için dengeli beslenmeli ve düzenli egzersiz yapmalısınız.
B)Dengeli beslenen ve düzenli egzersiz yapanlar, hastalıklara karşı daha dirençli olurlar.
C)Hastalıklara karşı direncinizi arttırmada en büyük yardımcınız, dengeli beslenmek ve düzenli egzersiz yapmaktır.
D)Dengeli beslenmek ve düzenli egzersiz yapmak , hastalıklara karşı direncinizi arttırmaya yardımcı olur.
E)Dengeli beslenir ve düzenli egersiz yaparsanız, hastalıklara karşı daha dirençli olursunuz.

72-In order to evaluate the newly-uncovered evidence, the defence demanded the adjournment of the court.
A)Duruşmanın ertelenmesini talep eden savunma,dururnunu kuvvetlendirecek yeni kanıtlar bulmaya çalışıyor.
B)Yeni kanıtlar bulma çabasi içinde olan savunma,duruşmanın ileri bir tarihe alınmasını istedi.
C)Savumma,yeni açığa çıkan kanıtları değerlendirmek için duruşmanın ertelenmesini talep etti.
D)Yeni ortaya çıkan kanıtları incelemek isteyen savunma,duruşmanın ileri bir tarihte yapılmasını istiyor.
E)Duruşma ertelenince savunma, yeni açıga çıkmış olan kanıtları degerlendirme fırsatı yakalamış oldu.

73-Our speed, a little above the limit, combined with the sudden stop of the car in front of us, made the crash unavoidable.
A)Hızımız biraz limitin üzerindeydi ve önümüzdeki araba da aniden durunca,carpışmayı önlemek imkansbızdı.
B)Limitin biraz üzerinde olan hızımız,önümüzdeki arabanın ani duruşu ile birleşince, çarpışmayı kaçınılmaz kıldı.
C)Hızımız limitin biraz üzerindeydi ama önümüzdeki araba aniden durmasaydı çarpışmayı kesinlikle önleyebilirdik.
D)Çarpışmayıi önleyemezdik çünkü biz biraz limitin üzerinde bir hızla gidiyorduk ve önümüzdeki araba çok ani durdu.
E)Carpışmayı kaçınılmaz yapan bizim hızımızın limitin biraz üzerinde oluşu degil ,önümüzdeki arabanın aniden durmasıydı.

74-In Santiago, as in any other Latin American city, the population is predominantly Roman Catholic.
A)Diğer herhangi bir Latin Amerika kentinde oldugu gibi, Santiago'da nüfus büyük ölçüde Katoliktir.
B)Latin Amerika'nın diger kentlerinin aksine, Santiago'nun nüfusu büyük oranda Katoliklerden oluşur.
C)Katolikligin hakim oldugu Santiago, bu yönüylee diger Latin Amerika kentlerinden ayrılır.
D)Diger tüm Latin Amerika kentlerinde oldugu gibi. Santiago'da da Katolikler çoğunluktadır.
E)Latin Amerika kentleri arasında Katolik nüfusun en yogun oldugu yer Santiago'dur.

Find what is said in the given situation
75-You wake up with flu and a high fever, and know you will not be able to go to work and have to seek medical attention. Because a lot of people have been taking sick days without really being ill, your boss is suspicious of anyone calling in sick. Therefore, when you phone him, you say carefully:
A)Good morning Mr Green. I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well.
B)I know everyone else lies about being sick, but I really am ill!
C)How can you expect your employees to come to the office and work when they are really ill?
D)I don't expect you to believe me, but I've phoned you anyway to say that I'm not coming to work today as I have a bad stomach.
E)I’m afraid I have to go to the doctor’s because of bad flu and can’t tell you when I am likely to be able to return to work.

76-Unhappy with his young son's progress at school, Mark goes to see his teacher. Realising that tact is called for and that he should not seem to be criticising the school or the teacher, he carefully begins by saying:
A)I just can't agree with these fashionable new teaching methods you are experimenting with.
B)Back in the days when I was at school, the teachers cared more about us, and discipline was better at schools.
C)Someone as bright as my son would surely do better if he had a good teacher.
D)My son doesn't seem to be doing very well, and I wonder if you have any idea what the problem might be.
E)I'm really pleased with the way everything is going. Keep up the good work.

77-After years of training, Jan works as a free-lance book binder. She enjoys her job, but though she works hard, she makes very little money. One day a neighbour comes by and asks her to rebind an old book, obviously with no intention of paying. Offended that anyone would be so inconsiderate as to ask her to work for free, she says to her, quite angrily:
A)Of course. When would you like it?
B)Well, I'm afraid I'm a little busy this week. Would next week do?
C)Would you try to get out of paying a doctor or a lawyer who happened to be a neighbour?
D)What an interesting old book? Where did you get it?
E)I'm really glad I started doing this job. It's one of the most interesting things I have ever done.

78-You are working as a receptionist at the local telephone company. A very angry lady comes to complain about her service. Though there is nothing you can do except refer her to a person who deals with such matters, she continues to noisily outline her problems to you. You are losing patience, but you remember that you must always be polite to customers, so you say:
A)I must say that I agree with you. Our service really is terrible.
B),Do you think you could come back to tomorrow? We're awfully busy today.
C)If you will only be patient, Madam. I will put you in touch with the person who can help you.
D)I can't do anything about your problem at the moment. Madam. Come back when you've calmed down.
E)I once had a problem just like yours, but I had it taken care of because I was more polite and patient.

79-You have a chance meeting with a friend who was married a few months before. As she proudly tells you that she is expecting a baby and hoping for a boy, you notice that she is smoking. Realising that this is potentially dangerous for unborn babies, and not sure if she realises this, you say carefully to her:
A)Unless you stop smoking, you could have a baby with mental problems.
B)Haven't you heard of the harmful effects of smoking when you are pregnant? You should ask your doctor for advice.
C)Congratulations on getting married. I'm sorry I couldn't come to the wedding as I was visiting my grandmother then. who lives in another city.
D)Where have you been? You shouldn't let marriage spoil your social life. We are all missing you.
E)Why do you want a boy? I think little girls are much nicer.

80-You are in a large store when you notice a lady go out leaving her handbag behind. You pick it up and start to run after her with the intention of giving it back, when you are stopped by the store detective who accuses you of attempting to steal the bag. Knowing it looks bad, but confident of your innocence, you explain the situation:
A)I wasn't stealing this bag. I was just going to the cash desk to pay for it.
B)Excuse me. Sir. I'd like to report a stolen han4bag.
C)Take your hands off me! I'm innocent!
D)I was just going to give it back to the lady who forgot it. You can still catch her.
E)Someone must have left it here. It doesn't belong to me.

81-About five years ago, you were fired from a job. On reflection, you realise that you were treated fairly, and that at the time you were young and irresponsible. Having had more training and work experience since then, you have set up an interview for a good job, but are surprised to find the man interviewing you to be the same one who fired you from the other job. Certain that he has recognised you, but eager to assure him that you've improved, you say:
A)I wouldn't expect to see you here! How are your wife and children?
B)You treated me really unfairly that time. You shouldn’t be in charge of anything.
C)Everybody seems to change jobs these days. I never expected to see you here.
D)What are you doing here? Did you get fired too?
E)People can change, and I hope to prove to you that I have.

Find the closest in meaning
82-It's hard to believe, but now that I have finally retired, I wish I had more to do.
A)It's not easy to believe that I used to have to do such a lot before I retired.
B)I have a funny feeling that I should have more to do even though I am no longer working.
C)I cannot believe that I am tired again although I have so little to do.
D)Surprisingly, after staring my retirement at last, I'm not enjoying having so little to do.
E) It is unbelievable that I have finally retired and have nothing to do.

83-We should allow at least an extra hour to get there because of the holiday traffic.
A)Because the traffic is always terrible on holidays, I suggest leaving at least an hour before the scheduled time.
B)Why don't we leave a few hours later than most holiday-makers so that we don't get stuck in heavy traffic.
C)The traffic is bad because of the holiday, so we must expect to take no less than an hour more than the normal time.
D)Everyone seems to be taking a holiday so we should get there with an extra hour to spare in this light traffic.
E)If it weren't a holiday today, we wouldn't have to leave an hour before the normal time.

84-Essentially, there are two ways of solving this problem, but the question is, which one will provide the ideal solution for us.
A)While we basically have two ways to solve the problem, we should decide on the one offering a better result.
B)It is essential that we solve this problem one way or another, so let's choose one way and start.
C)Whether this problem can be essentially solved in one of the two available ways is questionable.
D)We must question the solution to this problem, or we may regret it later if we haven't taken the right step.
E)No matter how simple it may seem, there are always two sides to every story.

85-Economists predict an increase in unemployment in the coming year.
A)If the economic conditions continue like this, more people will be without jobs next year.
B)The number of people without jobs will continue to increase the following year.
C)Economists think that unemployment will be greater in the next year.
D)Economists try to estimate what the unemployment rate will be next year.
E)According to economists, there may be an unemployment problem in the near future.

86-We wouldn't buy a house in a neighbourhood like that no matter how cheap it was.
A)Though houses were very cheap there, we didn't want to buy one.
B)We wanted a house there, but we were being too careful with our money to buy it.
C)It did not matter whether it was a nice neighbourhood or not, because the houses were so cheap.
D)We were thinking about buying a house there until we realised how bad the neighbourhood was.
E)Though houses may be cheap to buy there, it is not a place we would ever consider living in.

87-Scarcely had he returned from abroad, when he had to go on another extended business trip.
A)His business trip abroad was extended because people like him were scarce.
B)As soon as he got back, business took him overseas again for a long time.
C)After returning from abroad, he had hardly any work to do until he went on another business trip.
D)Since business was scarce, his time abroad could not be extended.
E)Business abroad was so good that he could scarcely finish everything on one trip.

Complete the dialogue
88-Roger: There is a new play on that's supposed to be really good. Would you like to see it?
Anne : ………………
Roger: I guess our tastes are really different. Maybe we’d better just forget it. Maybe that would be best.
A)You know I hate football. I don't know why you bother to ask.
B)I've been looking forward to seeing it since I read about it. I thought you'd never ask.
C)Not this weekend. I've got exams all next week. Maybe after that.
D)I don't much like live theatre. I'd prefer a disco or even an amusement arcade.
E)I've read the book and seen the film. They were really good.

89-Dawn: Why don’t you come sailing with us next weekend?
Elaine: I've never been sailing before. Isn't there a lot you have to know?
Dawn: …………………..
Elaine: Maybe I will try it then. It's something I've always wanted to do.
A)That's right. It can be really dangerous for beginners.
B)It's not so dangerous if you start on small waves and learn to stand up on the surf board gradually.
C)I'm sorry. I thought you had done lots of sailing. Maybe you shouldn't come after all.
D)It is more interesting if you can identify the different kinds of coral and fish.
E)Not if the others are experienced. We can give you something easy to do, then teach you bit by bit.

90-Bobby: Dad, can I have an ice-cream?
Frank: Not now. you'll spoil your appetite for dinner.
Bobby: …………………………
Frank: Ask me again then and we'll see.
A)You're so mean! You never let me have what I want.
B)That's what you always say.
C)But I promise I'll eat properly even if I do have an ice-cream.
D)That's OK. I didn't really want an ice-cream anyway.
E)How about after dinner?

91- Kevin: Hi Mick. If you need work, we've got a roofing job coming up next week.
Mick : In the middle of winter? Are you crazy?
Kevin:…………… .
Mick: Okay then. I’ll accept it. When shall I start?
A)Yes, you may be right as it's been below freeing this week.
B)In fact, it is a silly time .I think I'll refuse the job.
C)Work is scarce right now. Take it or leave it.
D)I'll take that as a refusal ? Am I right?
E)Well. then I'll call you when I've heard from the owner next week.

92 Jeremy: Hello Phil. How are your wife and children?
Phil: ……………………..
Jeremy: Oh, it's like an epidemic these days. If there's anything we can do to help, just let us know.
A)My wife went to visit her parents last week and took the kids with her.
B)They've all been down with the flu, so it's been really difficult to cope.
C)My wife's brother died last week, so she's gone home for the funeral.
D)They're fine, but my wife's new job keeps her so busy that I have to do most of the housework.
E)My son has just been expelled from school, but my daughter's at the top of her class.

93-Sheila: I’ve got next week off, and I don't know what to do.
Patricia: The weather is so nice this time of year. Why don't you go to the seaside?
Sheila: ……………….
Patricia: Don't be silly. Just go. I’m sure you can find somewhere to stay.
A)We've thought of that, but it might be crowded, and we haven't made any reservations.
B)But it is so far. We'd have to spend half the week driving back and forth.
C)I don't know. I'm not that fond of camping isolated from people.
D)Oh, I can't swim, and James just gets bored lying in the sun.
E)The last time we went to the seaside, we camped out and had a lovely time.

94-Peter: We'll never get this work finished unless we hurry.
Paul: And if we don't finish, the boss will go mad.
Peter : ………………………
Paul: Yes, we shouldn't miss a minute.
A)I think it's time we had a cup of tea, then.
B)Well, is there a good mental hospital in town if he goes mad?
C)Why don't we move on to something else that is more important?
D)Let's go home and worry about it tomorrow.
E)Then we'd better stop talking and start working.

Find the odd sentence

95-(I)The man credited with developing the first vaccine to fight against the crippling disease polio is the American doctor Jonas Salk. (II) He and his co-workers first tested a polio vaccine against an inactive polio virus in 1952. (III) In 1954, field tests were conducted on a large scale. (IV) Consequently, a number of once deadly diseases have been conquered since the introduction of vaccination. (V) In the end, Salk's vaccine proved the best, and was used without further problems.


96-(I)A frog which lives deep in the Amazon rain forest secretes a mucus used by Indians, who believe that it makes them better hunters. (II) Early findings illustrate that hunting is one of the oldest and most traditional activities known to man. (III) When a hunter wishes to use this "frog magic", another man burns the hunter's skin with a hot twig, mixes saliva with the mucus, and applies it to the burn. (IV) After this, the hunter becomes violently ill, then falls into an agitated sleep, only to wake up the next day eager to hunt. (V) Scientists are interested in this ancient custom as they believe that the mucus may contain a substance able to help treat some brain diseases.


97-(I)Walia Ibex roam the steep slopes of Ethiopia's rugged mountains. (II) Legends trace their ancestry to the Near East, the species having migrated to the African continent thousands of years ago. (III) Therefore, most of the people of Ethiopia migrated to Africa from Southern Arabia over a thousand years ago. (IV) Today, a small population survives perilously on a mountain range surrounded by villages. (V) Despite protection within this area, which is a national park, agricultural intrusion and illegal hunting continue to threaten the Walia Ibex:


98-(I) Deep in rural Dorset, on the edge of the Blackmoor Vale, stands Bulbarrow Hill. (II) Under its old name of Wessex, Dorset forms the setting of most writings of Thomas Hardy, a great Victorian era novelist. (III) It is a long walk to the top, but worth it, particularly on a sunny May morning when the English countryside takes on the sumptuous colours and vivid clarity of spring. (IV) From the summit, the whole of Britain seems to unfold before you as nothing but soft hills and small fields stretch away to a distant horizon, (V) It is a scene of rare beauty, and it is getting rarer.


99-(I)Offshore areas considered part of South America include Easter Island, the Falkland Islands, the Galapagos Islands, and Tierra del Fuego. (II) In 1965, the English scientist Sir Edward Bullard used a computer to test the fit of Africa to South America. (III) He found that at a depth of 2000 metres, the fit was very close indeed. (IV) This is not the only evidence to suggest that Africa was once joined to South America. (V) For example, there is also a belt of ancient rocks along the coast of Brazil, which corresponds with the rocks across the South Atlantic in West Africa.


100-(I)No one really knows how many stars there are in the universe, but astronomers calculate that there must be about 100,000 million of them in our own galaxy. (II) In the universe as a whole, there may be as many as 10,000 million galaxies. (III) On this gigantic scale, the Earth is about as significant as a single grain of sand. (IV) Of course, no one really knows how many grains of sand there may be on a single beach. (V) This illustrates just how immense is the task of exploring even the merest fraction of outer space.


1.C 2.A 3.E 4.B 5.A 6.D 7.E 8.C 9.C 10.B
11.D 12.C 13.B 14.A 15.D 16.E 17.C 18.D 19.A 20.C
21.B 22.B 23.C 24.E 25.E 26.D 27.A 28.D 29.B 30.C
31.E 32.D 33.B 34.A 35.B 38.C 37.D 38.E 39.D 40.D
41.B 42.E 43.C 44.B 45.D 46.B 47.B 48.A 49.E 50A
51.C 52.B 53.E 54.C 55.A 56.D 57.D 58.B 59.C 60.D
61.A 62.A 63.D 64.E 65.C 66.B 67.E 68.C 69.A 70.B
71.D 72.C 73.B 74.A 75.E 76.D 77.C 78.C 79.B 80.D
81.E 82.D 83.C 84.A 85.C 86.E 87.B 88.D 89.E 90.E
91.C 92.B 93.A 94.E 95.D 96.B 97.C 98.B 99.A 100.D